Liberty's Kids

Season 1 Episode 22

Lafayette Arrives

Aired Unknown Oct 01, 2002 on PBS

Episode Recap

In Paris, Dr. Franklin receives news that the Marquis de La Fayette is on his way to America to help General Washington in the war. Back in Philadelphia, the Marquis meets Henri in the street and asks where the Continental Congress. Henri, enthusiastic to meet a fellow Frenchman takes him to Dr. Franklin's shop.

Once in the shop, Moses, Sara, and James greet the Marquis and Henri leads him to the Continental Congress. La Fayette gives Henri his father's buttons for his trouble. In the congress, John Hancock tells the Marquis that he can't give him a commission. The Marquis then tells him of how he was inspired of the American cause. He also describes how he traveled to America by dressing as a woman! However, despite this, the congress still refused to give him a commission. La Fayette then writes a letter describing how he wants to help the cause and the congress finally gives him a rank and commission.

In a tavern, General Washington is having a drink with Alexander Hamilton expressing his contempt for foreigners who want to fight in the war only for glory. Then, La Fayette enters along with Henri and James. They greet each other and La Fayette tells him his motives and his "sincerity and good will". In the next scene, La Fayette joins the rest of the army in a camp and inspires two soldiers by telling them to imagine that the food they are eating was their favorite meal. Soon we are taken to a battle between Washington's men and the Redcoats. The battle is lost and the men panic. La Fayette, eager to prove his worth, rallies the soldiers to an orderly retreat and takes a musket ball in the leg. Washington gets his own surgeon to treat him. In France, Dr. Franklin learns of La Fayette's entry into the war. Back in Pennsylvania, La Fayette lies in a hospital and tells Henri that they can call themeselves "Americans".