Liberty's Kids

Season 1 Episode 22

Lafayette Arrives

Aired Unknown Oct 01, 2002 on PBS

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  • Lafayette appears :)

    This episodes marks the enterance of the Marquis de Lafayette. He tells his story about how he gets to America and the animation is very comical to see. The best part of it, though, is that it brings him to life. You see from them how human and clueless he can be at times.

    You see his fight for freedom and how much he is willing to lose for it. Then you see what he was willing to do for the soliders and how he thought of them when he was shot in the leg. Then you see Washington come forth and take the Frenchman under his wing.

    Then their is lovable Henri who instantly finds a hero. And Lafayette immediately takes him under his wing and gives Henri his father's buttons. Henri does the right thing with them in the end and Lafayette declares that they can officially call themselves Americans.