Liberty's Kids

Season 1 Episode 10

Postmaster General Franklin

Aired Unknown Sep 13, 2002 on PBS



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    • James Hiller: Tories! They're going through the mail! This is an offense! An outrage!
      (Cutting back to Philadelphia)
      John Adams: Ben, someone went through my mail! This is an offense! An outrage!

    • Sarah: Maybe they'll let us through.
      James: But there's a British soldier with them.
      Sarah: British soldiers are not monsters, you know.
      James: That's because you're British!
      Sarah: May I remind you you're also British?
      James: Ok, have it your way.

    • Sarah: Oh James I'm so happy I could kiss you!
      James: Please! I've suffered enough under the hands of the British!

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  • Allusions

    • HISTORICAL CONTENT: Ben Franklin is named the first Postmaster General of the colonies and we learn the importance of communication and how long it took for letters and news to spread through the colonies and across the ocean. Ben's brilliance is evident as his methods of moving the mail speed things up.