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PBS (ended 2004)


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  • Watch the show :)

    I love history! This is pretty much my favorite show. I've researched characters as they are introduced and have found that their portrayals are very accurate!(Fun Fact:When Sybil Lundington goes on her "Midnight Ride" the man who answers the first door is Edmund Ogden..the man she marries). The show often gives a pretty patriotic view of the Revolutionary War but also teaches viewers that having the facts is always important. They even out the patriotic feeling by having Sarah as a character to offer opposing viewpoints and by giving the main characters opportunities to learn more about their enemies, showing that they are regular people as well. (Good example is the episode The Hessians are Coming). Liberty's Kids also illustrates the fact that in war, journalism and the citizens are important factors, just like the soldiers are. I am now 17 and still enjoy this show as much, if not more, than I did when I was younger. I believe this show is the perfect way to expose young children to American history for the first time. I plan on sharing it with the kids I babysit and my students when I become a teacher.