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  • right on target

    I think it is very accurect. People have not been taught the true story of America. The American Heritage Series does show the history of this country. With document to back it up which he shows. Look up The American Heritage Series on youtube by David Barton and Wall Builders. People are so uneducated. One guy told me that none of the founding Father's were Christian. but 53 of 56 were Christiand and regulary went to church. Many of them were preachers. It is all very sad. The president said there were other people other than Christians helped to found America. Who? He didn't say because it is not true. Christian founded America so that everyone could worship God in anyway they wanted to. There was Relious Liberty for all. We are losing that Liberty. Right now we can believe what we want and can not act on it. They had that in other countries. Relious freedom without the goverment interfering is what our Founding Father's wanted for us. They voted on Abolishing slavery in the first congress but it missed by one vote. People need to know the truth. Our Presient and Vis President have lied over and over on this. The media lets them do it. They keep saying it over and over and now people believe. Separation of church of state is not in the Constitudes. It simple says for Congress not to make laws either for or against religion. Read it
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