Liberty's Kids

Season 1 Episode 21

Sybil Ludington

Aired Unknown Sep 30, 2002 on PBS

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  • Sybil Luddington was a great woman. I never knew about her before watching this show. This was a very informative episode, as were many of the others.

    I find it funny that you do not include any information on the girl that played the main character in this episode. She was very good. I also find it awful that the DIC Entertainment people did not say anything about her on their website. Not only did she do the voice of Sybil Luddington, but she also sings the opening song with Aaron Carter. In fact, she sings most of it! She has a great voice, and they should have given her Credit for it. Her name is Kayla Hinkle!!! She is not mentioned at all. Why not? She is a beautiful girl and did a wonderful job!