Liberty's Kids

Season 1 Episode 1

The Boston Tea Party

Aired Unknown Sep 02, 2002 on PBS

Episode Recap

In a stormy journey in the Atlantic to the colonies, Sara Philips writes to her mother. She expresses her hope of being reunited with her and her father in the colonies.

In Philadelphia, we find James stuck in Benjamin Franklin's printing press and Moses quickly helps him out. Henri then comes in with a letter from Dr. Franklin telling Moses that they have to meet Sara in Massachusettes. Next, we are taken to London where Dr. Franklin and Mrs. Philips are talking in a carriage. Back in Massachusettes, Samuel Adams holds a meeting with the Sons of Liberty talking about the taxes passed by parliament without the colonies' vote. Moses, James, and Henri arrive in Boston to meet Sara. The Sons of Liberty then embarks on an "act of protest"--they sail off to ships carrying tea and begins "The Boston Tea Party"--they throw all the tea in the harbor. James, Moses, and Henri then board one of the ships to look for Sara. James finds her but she thinks he's an Indian. They then get into an argument about taxation and loyalty to the crown.

The four of them then get out of the ship just in time before the British soldiers could catch them. They then take refuge in poet Phillis Wheatly's home. Sara then writes to her mother about the hypocrisy of the American cause: They cry for liberty yet still have slaves.

In London, Dr. Franklin is accused by parliament of treason.
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