Liberty's Kids

Season 1 Episode 7

The Green Mountain Boys

Aired Unknown Sep 10, 2002 on PBS

Episode Recap

In the first scene, Henri is chasing a letter that is caught in a gust of wind. Next, we see James and Moses working on the printing press. Henri comes in the shop along with the courier. Dr. Franklin comes down and and gets all the mail that the courier has delivered and Sara, James, and Henri ask him if they have any.
Then they discuss Ethan Allen's newspaper which describes exaggerated British atrocities. Sara, James, and Henri then go up north to the Green Mountains. On the way, they are stopped by two men whom they mistake for thieves. When they are taken to their camp they meet Ethan Allen who happens to be the leader of the "Green Mountain Boys". While Allen and Sara argue, Henri goes off to find some maple syrup only to be thrown out by the cook. The Green Mountain Boys then take the three along to witness them take a torrie's home and set it ablaze. Allen then tells James of the ideas of the Enlightenment, especially John Locke's "rights of Life, Liberty, and Property". He also tells him that the colonies should separate from England, much to Sara's annoyance. He then bursts out his plan of taking Fort Ticonderoga.
Colonel Benedict Arnold then arrives and asks that Allen turn over his command of the Green Mountain Boys to him. The Green Mountain Boys burst in laughter and Allen agrees to let Arnold share command of his troops. Sara then interviews Benedict Arnold while James interviews Ethan Allen. They tell them their plan and their expectations to take the Fort. James is given permission by Allen to come with them during the attack, while Arnold does not give Sara the same opportunity. However, she comes along anyway. They then proceed to attack and takes the British by surprise. The commander of the Fort surrenders without a single exchange of fire.
With Fort Ticonderoga in their hands, the Green Mountain Boys proceed with arming it. Back in Philadelphia, James and Sara are happy to learn that they both made front page of the Gazette, while Henri enjoys a stack of pancakes with maple syrup.