Liberty's Kids

Season 1 Episode 5

The Midnight Ride

Aired Unknown Sep 06, 2002 on PBS

Episode Recap

We first see Sara writing to her mother, as always. She tells her of the Americans'disagreements with England. Then Sara, along with James and Henri go downstairs to find two suspicious looking men lurking around the printing press. They then discover that one of them is Moses.

Afer helping Moses up, he explains that he is part of a secret society like the Sons of Liberty called "The Mechanics". He then sends James and Sara to Boston to warn Dr. Warren about British troop movements. During the rough journey to Boston, they learn that the British will be marching to Lexington and Concord. In Boston, they arrive in Dr. Warren's home and find Paul Revere and William Daws also present. The two inform them of what they learned and the Midnight Rides begin. James and Sara decide to come along in the Rides to report on the historic event.

Dawes and Revere along with James and Sara begin the historic alarm of "The British are coming". Sara decides that she wants to be a journalist like James. Paul Revere is stopped by some British officers and is arrested. They also detain James and Sara. However, the officers then decide to let them go. At an inn, Sara and James finish up their stories.

On the way home, Dr. Franklin writes in his journal expressing his fears and hopes.

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