Liberty's Kids

Season 1 Episode 27

The New Frontier

Aired Unknown Nov 05, 2002 on PBS

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  • Freedom of the Press, freedom against oppression, and Shawnee Indian strife *Spoiler Alert*

    While searching for her father Sarah is found by Shawnee Indians. But she is afraid of them so they introduce her to the frontiersman staying with them. A man named Samuel Phillips, Sarah's father.

    The Shawnee decide to fight the Americans, so two Shawnee, a father & a son, go to warn the Americans, but are taken captive as well. As a result Sarah tells her father she wants to go home to London, and does so.

    James meanwhile is trying to purchase Ink for the paper, but because of the high charges decides not to. But he helps to rally against the rich; unfortunately one man rallies the poor further into tar & feathering one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

    James objects by writing about it in the paper.