Liberty's Kids

Season 1 Episode 6

The Shot Heard Round the World

Aired Unknown Sep 09, 2002 on PBS

Episode Recap

We first see James and Sara where they spent the night to finish their reports, the inn. After waking up, Sara begins to write another letter to her mother. She tells her of the events that has transpired. She also tells her that her cousin Tom is in the army on the march to Concord.

Back in the inn, Sara and James have an argument about the current events. Sara decides to find his cousin in the army and get a story. James decides to report on the American side, while Sara reports on the British side. We next see a company of British soldiers resting. Sara meets with them and finds her cousin Tom. Meanwhile, James meets up with the American militia, also seeking a story. Once in Lexington, tensions begin to rise as the British soldiers and the militia come face to face. James and Sara find a safe spot to report on what is happening. A British officer demands that the militiamen surrender their arms, but they refuse. All of a sudden, a shot is fired, but it is unclear which side it came from. Then things got out of control, the British begin to fire thinking the Americans fired first. Then the Americans fire back in retaliation.

The battle escalades and the militia is forced to retreat. James realizes that the single shot fired has sparked the imminent war between England and the colonies. In Concord, the militiamen gather and prepare to engage the British. James starts to worry that Sara might get shot by the militiamen. Sara is given a safe spot by the British general to report from, James is done the same by the American commander. The Americans are given the order to march to the bridge and when they get there, they are met with gunfire. Sara's cousin Tom is shot and the British are forced to retreat. Sara runs to her cousin, but his wound was fatal and he dies in her arms.

Sara, in tears, reunites with James and they leave the site of the bloodshed. Dr. Franklin finally arrives home from London. He is met and greeted by Moses, who has news for the doctor. Dr. Franklin tells Moses of his experience in the British Parliament. Moses tells him of the events in Lexington and Concord. He hands Dr. Franklin a copy of Sara and James newspaper entitled, "The Shot Heard Round The World."