Library Wars - Season 1

Fuji Television (ended 2008)


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  • Situation Love Handicap
    When Komaki is arrested by the MBA forces for recommending a book to a hearing-impaired girl who he is in a relationship with, Kasahara and Dojo clash over how best to rescue him. However, in the end it is the girl herself who comes to his aid.
  • The Library is for Everyone
    Public criticism of the LDF grows following the incident at the exhibition. However, when Kasahara makes a public statement revealing what really happened the tide of opinion begins to turn. Meanwhile, Dojo makes a full recovery from his injuries and Genda is promoted to second in command of the Kanto base.moreless
  • Struggle to the Death! Ibaraki Prefecture Defense Exhibit

    The LDF prepares for the assault by the MBA forces, but when hostilities escalate they are forced to abandon their 'zero casualties' policy and shoot to kill. Meanwhile, the local base commander, Sugawara, tries to destroy evidence implicating her in the MBA raid and when Dojo tries to intervene he is seriously wounded.

  • Going Home, Explosion
    The Special Task Force is dispatched to train the Ibaraki Prefecture's LDF in preparation for an upcoming exhibition. However, the peaceful Ibaraki Library Base does not appreciate the Task Force's arrival and it is up to Kasahara to inspire the local Defence Force members into action.
  • Here Comes the Promotion Test
    Kasahara, Shibasaki, and Tezuka all participate in the promotion test for librarians. However, the revelation that Dojo was her mystery saviour makes Kasahara uneasy and it is only thanks to some chamomile tea that she and Dojo are able to move past it.
  • Tezuka Satoshi`s Schemes
    When Sunagawa claims that Kasahara was his accomplice in illegal activities, she is questioned by officials of the LDF's Administration Faction. However, Tezuka thinks that his brother, Satoshi, is influencing the Administrative Faction to force him to defect to the Library Planning Committee.
  • Hunt of Love (Reference)
    Shibasaki begins seeing a man named Hikaru Asahina, who is very interested in the LDF, but the relationship may not be what it seems. Meanwhile, Tezuka's older brother, the leader of the Library Future Planning Committee, tries to recruit Tezuka.
  • The Library Force Does Not Fire
    While transporting a rare book back to the base, Kasahara and Komaki are attacked by MBA troops. When one of them opens fire illegally, Komaki is injured and the duo are forced to evade the enemy until they can be rescued by Dojo and his troops.
  • Parental Disturbance Strategy
    When Kasahara's parents come to visit she tries to keep her real job as a defence member a secret in case they make her quit. However, when she is forced to apprehend a dangerous thief on the Kanto Library Base she may not be able to keep her real life a secret.moreless
  • Recapture the Library Commander
    With Kasahara and Inamine taken captive by the Bakushukai forces, Ryusuke and Dojo must organise a hostage rescue operation as quickly as possible. However, first Kasahara and Inamine must find a way to alert the LDF to their location.
  • Battle of Odawara
    Battle of Odawara
    Episode 3
    The Kanto LDF unit attempts to protect a museum dedicated to media information from an MBA Special Forces attack. Meanwhile, Kasahara is assigned to escort Kazuichi Inamine, a senior LDF commander, to a memorial ceremony.
  • Book Special Force (Library Task Force)
    At basic training Kasahara gains a new rival in Hikaru Tezuka, who happens to be the best among the new recruits. However, when MBA Special Forces launch a raid on the Kanto library Kasahara and Tezuka are forced to work together to stop them.
  • My Prince is in the Library Force
    With the passing of the Media Betterment Act (MBA) any materials deemed 'unsuitable' by the Japanese Government are banned, so to counter this the armed organisation, the Library Defence Force (LDF) was founded. When a young girl, Iku Kasahara, is saved from arrest by a member of the LDF she decides to join the organisation and meet her mystery saviour.moreless