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  • Psychedelic freakout extraordinaire!

    This is one of the most bizarre shows ever to hit television. During its short run it managed to cause more bad dreams and scared children than almost anything ever to hit the tube. Heck, this show even freaked out Marilyn Manson, who uses lines from it and sound bytes galore. Krofft claims that this show was not filled with drug references but, almost anyone who viewed it knew it was. Whether someone just snuck them past the Krofft prodction team, or if they were fully aware of its repeated drug innuendo, this surely will go down in history as one of the trippiest kids shows of all times.
  • Was acid on the Kroft family breakfast menu? WTF!?!

    Ummm... like there's this kid and he falls into a hat, right! Yeah, yeah! That's it... a hat! And like, the hat is a portal to a land of hats. Y'know, like HATS! And there's this dude called Weenie... [can we say that in a kid's timeslot?]. I tell ya what. If this makes it to air, I'll eat my hat... No! No! Better than that, I'll turn the Brady Bunch into a variety hour.
    [Yeah, and like, Bobby can fall into this hat... or maybe the hat can become a pool... and Peter can fall into it and Jan can morph into a different Jan coz the other one didn't like HR Puffnstuff...]
    "Hey mom, got any more of that Special K cereal?"
  • To answer lsmith1970's question, here's the theme song lyrics.

    In the middle of the summer, in the middle of a park.
    There began a great adventure for a boy whose name was Mark.
    He had come to see the magic man along with all the children &
    Twas so began the day that Mark was never to forget.

    He performed all sorts of miracles, that Mark was so impressed.
    That when the time arrived to go, he lagged behind the rest.
    Then quietly he did return,
    the secret of the hat to learn.
    But everyone had gone away & darkness fell atret.

    The moment that he touched the hat, the room began to glow.
    And as he put it down & ran, the hat began to
    Grow & grow & grow & grow & grow & grow & grow & grow & GROW!

    He was & stunned & he was fascinate, but still he had to see.
    There was something deep inside the hat, what could that something be.
    Then cautiously each step he took,
    He climbed upon the brim to look.
    And all @ once the hat began to shake & rock, LOOK OUT!

    (Monsters noises)

    Falling & falling, into the hat he fell.
    Spinning & turning, whirling & twriling.
    Down, down!

    And when he looked into the skies,
    He couldn't believe his ears or eyes.

    Lidsville is the kook-kook-kookiest!
    Lidsville is the kick=kick-kickiest!
    Lidsville is the groove-groove-grooviest.
    Lidsville is a living end, friend.

    If you get a chance to go there,
    You'll be glad you did.
    Cause everybody who goes to Lidsville,
    Really flips his lid!

    HOO DOO: Ho ho! How's that for a topper! Ho, Ho!

    I loved Charles Nelson Reilly doing Hoo Doo & would later go on to become a legend Match Game panelist!

  • For years I had this show in my head. No one could tell me the title. Someone tried to tell me it was H.R.PuffnStuff. I watched an update about B.Patrick and they said it was Lidsville. I have my answer. But what was the song that played at the beginning?

    I suppose this t.v. show has left some sort of impression on me because of the fantasy world it involved. This had to have been my earliest recollection of t.v. and I am so glad I can finally put a name to this bizarre show in my memory. I am still trying to figure out the song that was at the beginning of this show. It's somewhere in my brain, driving me crazy. Could someone please help me recall it? Any one? ANY ONE?!!
  • DRUGS!

    We all know that most Sid & Marty Kroft shows had varrying degrees of countercultural drug references laced throughout, but Lidsville leads the pack in sheer weirdness. Hats that talk and that fly around in aircraft hats... and they all live in even bigger hats. Charles Nelson Riley turns in sad, waning star performances that seem half-coked up, all in green face paint. Also, what's with all the Kroft tales being about kids who are separated from their parents (Jimmy in H.R. PuffnStuff, Land of the Lost, etc)? Those Kroft guys were some subversive mofos.