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Inspired by a real-life behavioral scientist, this FOX drama tells the tale of a deception expert who helps uncover the truth for the FBI, local police, law firms, corporations, and individuals. Dr. Cal Lightman and his team are effectively human polygraph machines, and no truth can be concealed from them. The Lightman Group is headed by Dr. Cal Lightman and his partner Dr. Gillian Foster who is a gifted psychologist. She brings balance to the partnership by thinking about the overall picture while Lightman focuses on the details. Together they make an invincible team with insight into human behavior. Eli Loker is the lead researcher, who believes in radical honesty. He often gets in trouble for saying what he thinks. Ria Torres is one of the few "naturals" in the field of deception detection. She has an untapped ability to read people that makes her a force to be reckoned with the right training. Created by Sam Baum, Lie to Me is executive-produced by Baum, Brian Grazer, David Nevins and Steve Maeda. The series is produced by Imagine Television and 20th Century Fox Television.moreless


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    News Briefs: Lindsay Lohan Will Play Elizabeth Taylor for a Lifetime Biopic

    Plus: A Lie to Me star heads to Covert Affairs, Fox's birthday party goes unattended, and Noah Wyle gets arrested.

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    Fan Reviews (115)

    • Lie to me is one of the most original entertaining program I've ever seen in years I can't believe it would be discontinued

      Best most original program unusual ways of Tim Roth his quirky ways make him believable great acting keeps its interesting love love love this show
    • Loved it! But something changed.....

      This is the first time I leave a comment because of a show being discontinued, but I really felt I needed to for Lie To Me. As a total series fanatic I've seen a lot come and go. Almost every single one had a build up towards the end and an ending, sometimes double, episode. Most of which failed to end the show satisfactory for me, like Lost. Lie to Me, however, did not have such build-up or ending episode. It just stopped! It just stopped at what I thought would be a show changer and what we viewers had probably seen coming since the beginning; Cal being in love with Gillian.

      I do very much agree with the comment hillsro wrote on January 30th. I watched the show on Netflix non-stop and as soon as Wallowski entered the scene I could feel it was the beginning of the end. But a misstep can always be repaired. I really wished it wasn't cancelled, I really loved the show.moreless
    • Really?! Really?! REALLY?!

      I just watched the last episode of Lie To Me on Netflix and I wonder why it was taken off the air. It was witty, fun and I want to see more.
    • New Season needed now!

      This show is excellent, Tim roth gives it a special touch. For once a show thats a bit daring with the truth when linking expressions to real life high profile people like the president, maybe it touched a nerve? Bring it back and i believe it would get more ratings if it was show on more English freesat/freeview channels as not all of us have the luxury of Sky. i bought Seasons 1 - 3 box set and have been watching 2 a day and now getting close to to the end.......... :O(moreless
    • I want a new season !

      This serial is BRILLIANT ! I love it! It's so awesome! I want a new season because these one were amazing !!!

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