Lie to Me

Season 3 Episode 6

Beyond Belief

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 15, 2010 on FOX

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  • Pretty boring

    I thought this episode was much worse than a filler. The case was dull, some characters were unbelievable and I just think it was a waste of time.

    I don't understand why Cal has changed so much. Good I have watched the season finale because he really improved and was again the character he was in the early days of the show. His silly attitude, combined with simple arrogance and a drunk look, makes me dislike him.

    I love this show and I love Tim Roth, his chemistry with Kelli Williams and the great father-daughter relationship, so I hope it improves.
  • When "Lie to Me" and "The Mentalist" are going to meet?

    This episode, as some of the previous ones, seems to be very close to "The Mentalist".

    Cal Lightman leads the investigation. Micro-expression analysis is no longer centrical to the plot-solving. Instead, basic psychology and common sense are used, as Ria Torres and Eli Lokerput it at the end:

    It's common sense dressed up, so people want to pay for it. [...]
    It sounds like Lightman. "

    On top of that, the scenario looks pretty much close to "The Mentalist" "The Blood On His Hands" episode, with a cult-like leader going rogue.

    Fortunately, Tim Roth excels as an actor and is even going better at each episode. He's the key and centre of this series.

    I hope next episode to bring plots he deserves.
  • Lightman is back!

    Absolutely riveting episode...I was literally on the edge of my seat. My favorite episodes are when Lightman deals with sociopaths like John Stafford in this episode & Martin Walker in 'Beat the Devil' Season 2 Episode 11. The actors who portray these sociopaths are spot on in making their sociopath so real. I also think Julia Campbell who played Carol Ashford, the suicide attempt did a great job in her portrayal of someone who was being controlled yet projecting a self-assuredness that belied her great fear.

    One of the main reasons Season 1 was so good is they wove pictures & videos of the facial microexpressions to illustrate their science. Season 2 got away from that & I missed it. I'm glad they had a couple pictures in this episode - always makes it more interesting. Please keep writing like this and stay away from the soap opera stuff. I was getting rather wearing watching Lightman sucking face with all the female guest stars. ...thank you.