Lie to Me

Season 2 Episode 7

Black Friday

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 2009 on FOX
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A troubled teenager turns to the Lightman Group to help him dig up secrets of his past. Meanwhile, on the day after Thanksgiving Loker gets to investigate a deadly stampede at an electronics store.

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  • Excellent!

    What a great episode. Cal neves ceases to impress me. It was a good thing to find out what happened to him, but first of all, believe him so he could go on. In a series of twists, the truth surfaces and the teenager gets what he wants and a happy ending.

    I love the Cal/Gillian partnership because she is his exact opposite and without Gillian there would be no Cal since he would get in a lot of trouble if she wasn't by his side. It's like she is the softer side of their relatioship.

    Nice to see Emily try to help someone, even when she was his father's own victim. It's good to see her often, nice move having her stay with her father.

    Looks like Loker had a tough time with Cal but for a young person it must be great to learn from someone so experienced. Even when he has to deal with all the yelling and the unusual encouragement and 'well done's.moreless
  • Amazing episode!

    This was an epic episode of 'Lie To Me' ans I certainly enjoyed this episode the first time round and also again the secon time round.

    I thought the whole case of learning who the boy's parents are was very interesting. The storyline took multiple turns and twists and it was very unpreidictab;e right until the very inding.

    The other case of the electronic store sale was also very interesting. Loker and Torres took charge of this case and it was a very good episode.

    I hope that this episode and this type of episode iwill be repeated, because it was suspenseful, interesting, unpredictable and very enjoyable! I really love wtching this show, and this episode is an example as to why it is so good!moreless
J. Downing

J. Downing

Mr. Roland

Guest Star

Lisa Waltz

Lisa Waltz

Mrs. Roland

Guest Star

Nick Searcy

Nick Searcy

Mr. Donnelly

Guest Star

Hayley McFarland

Hayley McFarland

Emily Lightman

Recurring Role

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    • Cal: How'd it go with the suits?
      Loker: Well, we got the job. Where were you?
      Cal: None of your bloody business. I figure you were up for it. It's probably a gross overestimation on my part.
      Loker: I appreciate the confidence boost.

    • Gillian: How was Thanksgiving?
      Emily: Oh, you know, dad lectured...
      Cal: I did not lecture.
      Emily: Mom fretted.
      Cal: I didn't lecture.
      Emily: So much to be thankful for.

    • (Gillian is looking at Emily's school book)
      Gillian: Did calculus get harder since we took it?
      Cal: That's what I said.
      Emily: That's all right, I'll just figure it out myself. I mean, you'd think with the intellectual stock I come from, though.
      Gillian: Apples always fall further from the tree than you think.
      Cal There's something to be grateful for, right?

    • Gillian: If the cops or press or FBI get wind that someone who may be James Knox surfaced, I mean, the vultures will pick Max to pieces. We have to protect him. And we have to talk to the Knoxes.
      Cal: What? Finally got you thinking like a criminal. Wonders will never cease.
      Gillian: If this thing goes south, you're putting up my bail.

    • Loker: Hey, can I get one of those 'atta boy's features from yesterday?
      Cal: I've run out.

    • Cal: You want to tell me how we went from a seven-figure payday to nothing?
      Loker: It wasn't an ideal outcome
      Cal: No, it wasn't. We can barely keep our heads above water and you decide to go ahead and sabotage a potential elephant account. I mean, what did you do? You put in 40 full hours on this? And then there's Torres's time. Any idea where it's coming from?
      Loker: Your pocket?
      Cal (angry): Bloody right my pocket! You promised you delivered.
      Loker: Shifting blame from the guilty party, that wouldn't have been the truth.
      Cal: You see that choice, that choice, that's how you make your contribution to this firm. We can go dark for all I care. We follow the truth here, right? No matter the cost, or our egos or our wallets.
      Loker: So, if I had taken the money?
      Cal: I would've sacked you.
      (Loker smiles)

    • Cal: You seem a little angry about your past life. What, you didn't like being a parole officer then?
      Mr. Donnelly: You know, my old boss sent me to the Department shrink. I don't think I need another one.
      Cal: How did you end up in that chair?
      Mr. Donnelly: That's a little personal, don't you think?
      Cal: Yes, very personal, I'd say.
      Mr. Donnelly: I got a game to get back to.
      (He turns around but Cal pulls his wheelchair)
      Mr. Donnelly: Hey!
      Cal: Look, either you did something really bad back then or something really bad was done to you, which was it?
      Mr. Donnelly: It's not of your business.
      Cal: Yes, it is.
      Gillian: This is important.
      Mr. Donnelly (angry) : Fine. Sixteen years ago, somebody broke into my house, killed my wife, put a bullet in my back and stole our baby son.

    • Emily: Hey. Sorry I just heard what happened. Is there anything I can do?
      Max: Look, you can stop looking at me like you think I'm a freak or a screw-up.
      Emily: I don't think you're screwed up, I think your family is, there's a big difference.
      Max: Oh. Perfect girl with a perfect life. An expert on messed up families now?
      Emily: My father is a human lie detector. I have a family history of suicide and my divorced parents sleep together sporadically and fight constantly and still insist we get together on holidays. How is that for perfect?
      Max: At least you know who your parents are.
      Emily: Yeah. Well, anything I can do to help.

    • Agent Reynolds: I'm in Hilton Head, 8th hole, two under par, best game of my life. Then all of a sudden I get this call from my FBI supervisor wondering if my interest in 16-year-old boys is business or purely recreational.
      Cal: And which is it?
      Agent Reynolds: See, that where I'm hoping you can help me with because it seems that somebody here in D.C. used my personal ID number and password to access an FBI database. But when I am not actually in D.C., that sets off alarm, so, can either of you tell me who I should blame for ruining my vacation?
      (Gillian thinks about it and Cal looks at her)
      Cal: Locker?

    • (Cal just illegally used Agent Reynold's password)
      Emily: What are you doing in the DMV database?
      Cal: Your dad is committing a felony.
      Emily: Why am I not surprised?
      (Cal stands up to leave)
      Cal: I'd take you with me but that would make you an accessory after the fact. (kisses her on the cheek points at the computer) Feel free.

    • Gillian: So, have you forgiven us?
      Emily: I guess. Have you?
      Cal: Well, you were protecting a friend, right? So, you are your father's daughter.
      Emily: Well, I know a little bit about how crazy families can be.

    • Cal: She knows where Max is. Hey, thanks with that.
      Gillian: For lying to Emily?
      Cal: Yeah. So I wouldn't have to.

    • Cal: All of these are boys around your age that were abducted when they were babies or when they were kids, which one do you think is you?
      Max: I'm never going to find out who I am? It's that what you're trying to say?
      Cal: You know, you're a crap listener, boy, really. Pay attention, right? What I'm saying is I'm in. Are you? (Max nods) Now, think clearly before you answer that. Because if we do go down this rabbit's hole, there's no telling what's going to bite you.

    • Loker: I've read every major study on group behavior cover to cover and this is my wheel house.
      Cal: Fascinating. Well, time will tell.
      Loker: Any more words of inspiration?
      Cal: Yeah. We need the money. And don't embarrass me.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Černý pátek (Black Friday)

    • Music:
      VCR by The XX

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: November 19, 2009 on Sky1/Sky1 HD
      Australia: November 24, 2009 on Channel Ten
      Latin America: March 22, 2010 on FOX
      Finland: July 26, 2010 on MTV3
      Germany: October 20, 2010 on Vox
      India: November 11, 2010 on Star World
      Norway: January 17, 2011 on TV2
      Slovakia: January 20, 2011 on JOJ
      Czech Republic: June 20, 2011 on Prima