Lie to Me

Season 2 Episode 21

Darkness and Light

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 30, 2010 on FOX

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  • Forgettable except for the first 10 mins.

    If it wasn't for the first 10 minutes, this episode would be forgettable. The intro where Cal and Gillian were pretending to be a couple who want to make a porno is awesome, we get a kiss and Gillian's hand is awfully high on Cal's thigh. You can tell Gillian starts to struggle when talking about a threesome, but never fear, Cal jumps in for the save. Cal later teases her that most of what she said was part of the act except for the part about her wanting to be tied up.

    The rest of the episode is okay, they are trying to find a missing 18 year old girl that has disappeared into the porno world. They find her relatively early and are trying to get her back with her Dad, who she thinks killed her mother. A lot of Emily in this episode, which was the other saving grace.

    Side story; Cal pits Torres and Loker against each other for a promotion. They end up hooking up (all you see is a kiss but it's implied that they slept together). Poor Loker, who knew he was such a romantic, wants them both to turn the promotion down if offered so they can have a shot at a relationship. Torres says if he turns it down and it's offered to her, she's going to accept it. Thus ends the short relationship.
  • Watchable

    This episode was a mishmash of plot-lines. I have to admit- the opening was great. Sort of a wish fulfillment thing. I think that Cal and Jillian would be great together. They really would. But their kids would be messed up.
    The story was not that great but it was an interesting watch. The whole Loker and Torres hookup is very eh. They would never work as anything more then work colleagues. They have a good working dynamic. The writers should not mess with it. I like Emily. She has a great relationship with Cal. She helps keep him sane.
  • This show has really upped the anti in the last few weeks!

    This was another in a good series of amazing episodes. This episode was a little bit of a cliche, as this sort of episode has definitely been attempted in other series, but nevertheless, Lie To Me made it its own.

    The case in itself was pretty amazing, and I loved the idea of either Ria or Loker being promoted! That led to some pretty interesting scenes, and I quite enjoyed that!

    Definitely the episode had some memoralble moments, and I think this is definitely one of my favorites! Keep it up, Lie To Me, as the last few episodes have been scintillating and breathtaking, and I hope this i s maintained into the next season!