Lie to Me

Season 3 Episode 3

Dirty Loyal

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 18, 2010 on FOX

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  • Wait, that was... good?

    As in, unapologetically good TV, not just good for Lie to Me, which I've said some other times, is just a procedural when it comes down to it (and one based on shoddy science, at that).

    No, that was good drama. That was serious tension between the characters, and it was conveyed (finally!) with the kind of subtlety that a show ostensibly about minute facial tics seems to require.

    I mean, this show makes a point of giving you a slow motion close-up whenever somebody winces as if to say "See? He has feelings! They run deep!", but they never try to paint things with any amount of nuance, mostly because the pop anthropology they depict doesn't really support it, but also because they are aiming at the mostly braindead CSI-slash-The Mentalist crowd here.

    So, while I've also said that I love the cast and the flashes of brilliance remain after the scripts have been beaten into submission down to middle-high class housewife level, I hadn't seen anything quite like this episode before. Things, for once, are left unsaid. The characters, impressively, don't slow to a crawl to let the audience always feel more clever than them. The plot is an enabler, not a McGuffin, for character development. The morality they depict has actual shades of grey, and it doesn't bother to spell out who was right in the end. It really, really did hit all the notes of pretty decent drama.

    And, as always, it's fun to watch Roth and the rest of the cast work with the material. Although, to be fair, Tim Roth has a couple of scenes in which his hands overact in ways that would make Robert DeNiro blush. But still, good stuff. Not dumb. That is probably the best you can say about it. It was not dumb at all.

    So can I cautiously request some more of that in the future? That would be nice.
  • A disappointing episode. Not enough back story to make it work.

    As much as it kills me to give an episode of "Lie To Me" such a low mark, in my opinion this episode really missed the mark. My main problem with this episode is that it was centred around the belief that Lightman would go against Foster, his best friend and partner to help Wolowski lie to avoid punishment. Lightman choosing Wolowski over Foster?! Absolutely not. It's really not believable. As far as I'm concerned the writers haven't done NEARLY enough to endear Wolowski to the audience to the point where Lightman would risk his friendship with Foster and go against his belief in the truth to help this cop. There are a few people that Lightman would lie for, including Emily, Zoe and Foster. But Wolowski isn't even in the ball park of these three people in regards to how important they are to Lightman.

    But in saying this, out of this disappointing storyline came some great scenes between Foster and Lightman which totally saved this episode. I was also very happy to see the return of the face-comparison-with-evil-doers-from-history bit at the end of certain scenes. It's one of the things I've really loved since the beginning of the series.
  • I'm not so sure...

    Lots of tension between Cal and Gillian and I have to repeat Gillian's question: What does he see in her? Good episode but I didn't like Cal defending Wallowski so much and even helping her prepare for her interrogation when she was indeed involved. I understand Gillian's anger. If I didn't know already what happens in the season finale, I'd be worried about Cal and Wallowski. I see a superficial Cal when he's with her and I see a more passionate and caring man when he's with Gillian. I missed Emily this time. I'd like to see more of Torres in the next episodes.
  • A riveting episode of Lie to Me this evening, one with subtly and depth.

    A riveting episode of Lie to Me this evening, one with subtly and depth. Tim Roth is as enjoyable as ever, the scenes often felt a little more intimate than we often see, and we are left with as much unsaid as said. It kept me thinking, it encouraged me to look more closely at the characters - perfect considering the premise of the show. Certainly it's worth a look for newcomers to the series, worth a revisit for fans who maybe fell out of love a few episodes back, and for the rest, more than our money's worth this week.
  • Great storyline!

    I was doing some homework while watching this one, so I apologise in advance if I have made an error in this review, but I'll start by saying that this one had a great storyline.

    The character interaction was great, and when put together, it made for some interesting combinations. The one criticism I have is that there was very little humour throughout this episode, and I uusually enjoy a comedy aspect of things.

    No matter - the case was definitely great, and it compensated fro that flaw. I enjoeyed the scene where Lightmas got punched in the stomach, and it was well done!

    Keep it coming, Lie To Me, as this show has been great so far in this eseson! Great work!