Lie to Me

Season 1 Episode 6

Do No Harm

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 11, 2009 on FOX

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  • I really loved this one!

    This episode was a thoroughly enjoyable one of Lie To Me. There were two cases in the episode, and I really loved both of them, which was a nice change from the last episode.

    The storylines were extremely interesting in both cases, which was really great, but I didn't find the episode to be too suspenseful and interesting, which was a little disappointing.

    Overall, I highly recommend this episode over the previous couple and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. It is a very interesting one, and I hope there will be more episodes like this in the future.

    A great episode of Lie To Me!
  • Much better episode than the last 2.

    I found this episode much better than the previous 2 mainly because there was a lot more character development, particularly with the 4 leads. Cal had plenty of witty dialogue, reminiscent of the first couple of episodes this time round which was lacking in the more recent ones. The story of the kidnapping was well done and even though the Ugandan woman's was less interesting it did help to develop Eli which was a good thing. Much was revealed about Gillian which also rounded her character out. I hope this is the way forward for this show as I certainly found this episode pretty enjoyable.
  • Better and Better

    Okay I'm loving this show more and more every week. There was so much about tonight's episode it's hard to know where to start. I loved watching the conflict between Eli and Ria. I really appreciated the fact that it was shown that the team is human and their personal emotions and feelings can both help as well as hurt when they have a job to do. I liked the creative twist of making Dr. Knowlton the kidnapper of not one but two girls. I can understand Farida's motives but I also agree with the philosophy that a lie of that magnitude will have major repercussions.