Lie to Me

Season 3 Episode 4

Double Blind

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 25, 2010 on FOX

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  • I think this might be my favorite episode so far this season.

    I'm gonna start off with I'm really enjoying Gillian and Cal's chemistry this season. They've managed to mix the perfect amount of hostility with their deep affection towards each other. In last week's episode we got the hostility and tonight we got a little bit of affection with hostility thrown in at the end. Cal was constantly invading Gillian's personal space and the scene on the couch was so cute, almost domestic. They are still having issues but they just seemed more comfortable with each other this episode, like an old married couple.

    Normally I'm not a fan of Cal episodes that revolve around him fawning over some blonde but I actually found myself liking the Naomi character, maybe it's the Battlestar Galactica fan in me.

    Couldn't help but notice how Cal said he was attracted to women he had trouble reading and admitting at the end that Gillian is the only one he's had the most trouble figuring out. She also never answered his question on whether or not they were okay. I can't wait to see how their turbolent relationship will come to a head this season.
  • I must say, the character development is really awful on this show, but they continue to produce great cases!

    This was a very impressive Lie To Me episode. The storline focusses on Lightman and, yep, you guessed it, another young and attractive womsan. So surprising!

    After this cliche, the case got very interesting. The scenes with everyone dressed up towards the end were really well done, and it looked quite cool! I enjoyed that!

    The case was also very easy to follow, which sometimes does not happen on Lie To Me, but this one iwas pretty stragihtforward, even after I missed the first minute of the episode.

    All up, please keep it up, Lie Tome! I hope the character development improves, as it is very shocking at this point, but aside from that, terrific epsode!