Lie to Me

Season 2 Episode 20


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 23, 2010 on FOX

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  • Mixed Bag

    Entertaining and interesting, as usual.
    I really hope Lie To Me is not going the way of the annoying and implausible back-story, like Bones did. Hey! Interesting question: Which TV daughter is better;
    Alexis Castle from "Castle" or Emily Lightman from "Lie to Me"? They are both pretty cool. And thank you TV scribes for not making them annoying, whiny teenagers with daddy issues. Also- is Jillian back in the romantic department for Cal? For a while there I thought that wasn't in the cards anymore. Sparks are flying, love is igniting blah blah blah. But seriously-they would make a great couple. Imagine them at family parties!
  • The ultimate episode!

    This was such a tfantastic episode of Lie To Me. The episode featured all the great fascets of an amazing episode. It was intense, suspenseful and put hthe lives of outr favorites on the line.

    There were some really intense and supsensefuly moments, including when all the scenes when Cal was talking to the 'Little Moon' guy. I think that the introduction of the character of Burns was a great idea, and they have utilised this role very well, over the duration of the last couple of weeks.

    Keep it up, Lie To Me! This show is absolutely scintillating right now, and I can't wait untl I ssee some more!
  • Jillian Foster's DEA boyfriend is kidnapped and Cal Lightman saves the day in his own way! Emily snoops in her father's safe! Never read someone else's personal stuff!

    This was an outstanding episode. More Max Martini! Please. Kudos to cast, crew, writers, directors and everyone else involved with this show. I think this show is one of the best on tv. It's another great teaming of Tony and Ridley Scott. Tim Roth uses just the right combination of humor and intellect. Every show is riveting and I look forward to every episode. Thank you Fox for not canceling this show. I'm happy to see that intelligent show have an audience. Thank you to the fans who watch this show. More, more Max Martini. Please bring this fabulous actor back for more episodes. Can't he use his Psychiatry degree to help the Lightman Group?!
  • Good episode, I'm glad that Gillian got some action but I'm also glad that Burns is gone for good now.

    Cal has been keeping tabs on Gillian's new boyfriend, trying to figure out what he's hiding. Kinda fun to see Gillian and Cal interacting, she knew what he was doing and they were treating it like a game in the beginning. Burns was less than thrilled and ended up coming clean with Cal about him being DEA.

    I gotta say I lost a little bit of respect for Burns in this episode. He knew people were after him yet he still kept Gillian close to him. Never mind getting involved with her in the first place while he was undercover. Can't imagine his superiors were happy about his new girlfriend being one of the leading authority on deception detection.

    Anyways, long story short, Burns gets kidnapped by the son of a drug dealer who wants to know who killed his father. Cal cons his way into the son's good graces enough to get Gillian and himself kidnapped too, in an attempt to save Burn's life. In the end it all worked out, Cal turns all the drug dealers against each other in time for the Feds to find them. Turns out it was Burns that killed the father because his partner couldn't pull the trigger. With his cover blown he's whisked away to a new life and new identity, leaving a heart broken Gillian behind.

    Side story, Emily finds her grandmothers diary (Cal's mother) and a paternity test that Cal had done when she was a baby. I guess he saw Zoe flirting with some guy at a party around the time that she was conceived and he wanted to make sure she was his. Emily accuses him of not trusting anyone and says that's why he'll always be alone. He looks at Gillian through a window and says he's not alone before going out to join her. Kinda sweet moment. They never revisited Cal admitting to Burns that he wanted Gillian, though the look on Gillian's face was priceless.
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