Lie to Me

Season 3 Episode 9


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 10, 2011 on FOX
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Lightman tries to get a patient released from a mental hospital, in the process he questions his own sanity forcing him to face his own past.

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      • Gillian: Oh, come on. You gave him something.
        Dr. Grandon: Yeah, a sedative. We don't administer hallucinogens here.
        Cal: (touching Dr. Grandond's face) See, I would agree with you there, but I just went for a trip down memory lane with my mum. Thank you so much for that.

      • Gillian: You attacked that orderly. Do you want to tell me what on earth was going through your mind at the time?
        Cal: The bridge of his nose.

      • Cal: You run a 5 star loony bin in the middle of a recession. Now is not the time to start bleeding patients. Have you been giving Wayne Dobar a little bit of the old, you know, woof woof, a little extra just to slow down his recovery, in the name of good business?
        Dr. Grandon: I beg your pardon?
        Gillian: What Dr. Lightman is saying is since Wayne hasn't shown much improvement in five years of treatment, maybe I could help you with a second opinion.
        Cal: Well, I for one thought I was being really bloody clear about that.

      • Gillian: Look, I know it sounds bad, but he's safe.
        Emily: Even so, you're scared about something. What are you scared of?
        Gillian: You-- you can see that?
        Emily: Well, I guessed. A trick my dad taught me.

      • Cal: I nicked one of Amanda's muffins.
        Emily: Why would you do that?
        Cal: Well, because it was just sitting there, you know, looking all tasty.

      • Gillian: We have mice?
        Cal: Could be rats.
        Gillian: Ever heard of pest control?
        Cal: Ever heard of a sporting chance?

      • Emily: Amanda's dad is in a mental hospital.
        Cal: Oh. Mental hospital.
        Emily: He's been there for 4 years now.
        Amanda: 5.
        Cal: You see how she did that? She deliberately said 4 to drag you into the conversation. She's slippery like that.
        Emily: That I get from him.

      • Emily: So do you think it was really her talking to you or just you talking to yourself?
        Cal: Have you been psychobabbling with Gillian again?
        Emily: Well, my dad's a lunatic. Ground me.

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