Lie to Me

Season 2 Episode 18


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 02, 2010 on FOX

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  • Just another day when Lightman is a prime suspect for a murder, and Gillian has problems with a man.

    OK, this episode amused so much that I can't be really impersonal judging it but for me it was Fantastic. I had never seen so many emotional scenes in one episode of Lie to me, so I can say that it's the best one for now. During the first thirty five minutes while guessing how Cal is going to get out of this hole I just couldn't stop thinking why Gillian can't be happy, why everybody whom she loves screw her up and I was really crying because of brilliant job Williams's done on the screen. And than came the relief, joy and incredibly hilarious talking between Dave, Gill and Lightman. The scriptwriters has surpassed themselves by writing all this. It reminds me of good ER and M.Crighton whom I admire.
    To sum up, if wonderful episodes like that continue there would be no such a series on TV.
  • Good, but lacked that special effect.

    This was a decent episode of Lie To Me, although I won't pretend that it was aone of my favorites. I thought the case was pretty bland, oto be honest, but Cal's involvemnt in tht gambling was what made it interesting for me.

    The case seemed interesting to begin with, but it dimmed down and it failed to successfully develop, in my opinion. Foster and the doctor's love turns interesting, which Foster discovers a seceret about him - one that could potentially make for a great season finale.

    Overall, nice little developments, but overall, the episode does not stand up well, on its own. Didn't really enjoy it, and it scertainly did not have that special flair or kick that it usually does have!.