Lie to Me

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2009 on FOX

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  • Exciting!!

    The Lightman Group is interrogating anyone who may know about whereabouts of a homicide suspect when Ria Torres is taken hostage by him. He insists she takes him to The Lightman Group so they could prove that he is innocent. Dr. Cal Lightman offers to be taken hostage in exchange of safety of his employees and then he must solve the case while having a revolver at his head.

    This episode is very suspenseful and well-written. The entire time, I had my eyes stuck on my screen and almost stopped breathing. The writers are pulling great episodes out of their sleeves. The second season of Lie to Me is perfect and I personally think it may be the best series on nowadays.
  • Nerve-wrecking

    Torres made a terrible mistake, terrible. It could've cost many people's lives. But well, her mistake helped find an innocent woman's killer.

    I like how Cal managed the whole situation, pushing the guy, asking him questions, making him go mad, only because of the truth. And he got it. I also liked to see how the rest of the team helped him get out of the problem. He doesn't have to do everything all the time.

    The last scene was very good. Yes, I ship Cal and Gillian, but their relationship is special. It's based on admiration and respect. And loyalty. I know there are other feelings hidden, but he just needed to see if she was all right and staying with her in the end indicates that she's the best company he's going to have, even when they're not a couple, he feels close to her.
  • Wow! A very intense and differencet episode!

    I thoroughly enjoyed the episode of Lie To Me that we saw tonight. It was far from anything that the show has attempted in this short history, but it certainly worked and I think that we receive d a top notch episode.

    I thought the whole abduction/kidnapping idea was a fascinating one, and it tied in well with the storyline and the case that was being proven.

    All th elements of the episode just simply added up, and I think that it culminated in an amazing episode.

    Kep it up, Lie To Me. I am really enjoying this show and I believe it has the potential to become a big hit!