Lie to Me

Season 3 Episode 1

In the Red

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 04, 2010 on FOX

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  • Lightman is back!

    I really missed Cal Lightman and the rest of the team. We didn't get to see much of Cal and Gillian, but we know more is to come for the couple.

    The case was pretty interesting and in the end, it was just sad. It's terrible how a stupid mistake can make a man go irrational and ruin his life. I wonder if in the end, there was a punishment for the bank employee.

    I don't like Tim Roth acting like he's on something. His moving constantly while talking and making all these faces it's kind of desperating. I'm glad I know already that the season ended way much better than when it began.
  • In this superb season premier, we get reintroduced to the characters as each plays their own part in attempting to prevent a bank robbery. Once again, Lightman uses only facial recognition to spot the suspects and put himself in the middle of the action.

    It's interesting as we learn how each character summarizes the others to help the audience get introduced. Poor Loker gets the sharp end of it all, despite his recent promotion (in season 2). I feel like his character only recently took a downhill turn in how he's portrayed. I'm not so sure his previous actions warrant it.

    Torres, sly and smart, outplays Loker despite her now being his Loker's "assistant." She's portrayed well with a good bit of Lightman in her character. I felt like they represented her spot on. Lightman, rash, smart, and risky as always carries the show. I felt like they played up his rambunctious nature for any new audience. Once again he outdoes himself. I also appreciated his insight into each of the criminals and desire to help them from stepping into a dumb crime. The new detective has an awesome roll and plays a vital roll in the plot. It's really interesting how she's taken a liking to Lightman despite their first meeting in season two's finale. I really like her character. The foreshadow is there that she'll fill the spot Ben Reynolds left. Overall, it was a great episode, one that could easily catch up someone new to the show, excite for the faithful watchers, and keep you guessing.
  • A bit of a disappointment to a total fanatic.

    I was a little disappointed with this season opener. Lie To Me has become one of my favorite shows and I counted to days waiting for season 2 to finish. I was very much looking forward to more new episodes in season 3 so soon. Cal was running around like a maniac and the plot didn't seem to develop very well. Cal also acted like complete jerk most of the time. They've gotten rid of Reynolds who was one of my favorites, but Loker-the-douchebag is still around and still acting like an idiot. The episode ends with Cal getting really nasty with Gillian and then she laughs it off as the episode ends. I just found the whole episode to be a little hard to believe. It was like I was watching the evil twins of all the characters I love. If this is any indication of where this show is going, I may lose interest soon.
  • I enjoyed the series premiere!

    Lie To Me is finally back with a great episode first up! This one is about a bank robbery, with Cal going undercover to stop the act while it happens.

    The acase was certainly very suspenseful, and that added a good dimension to things, but I did feel that there should've been a greater mention or emphasis on Reynolds, after what happened in the Season 2 Finale.

    The episode wasn't perfect, I admit, however, it was brilliant. The case was very good although th e minor storylines weren't interesting. I would reocmmend this episode, and I really enjoyed it!

    I hope this calibre is maintained, as Lie To Me is turning into a great show! I'm impressed!