Lie to Me

Season 3 Episode 13

Killer App

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

Gillian is contacted by a former patient named Claire, who suspects that one of her business partners in a popular social networking website called SeekOut is trying to blackmail her. The team investigates, with Lightman certain that the founder of the site, Zach Morstein, is hiding something, but he doesn't know what yet.

Later, Lightman goes home, stumbling in on Emily and Liam cooling off after a workout, though it assuredly seemed like they were doing something else with their stretching and heavy breathing. Lightman receives a call from Gillian, who has discovered Claire's bloody body.

The case switches from extortion to murder, and Wollowski is there to help investigate. She believes that the culprit is Kyle, an original partner for the site who was ousted from leadership by Zach. Lightman believes differently, however, thinking Kyle is just another victim. When Kyle uses Lightman's computer, Zach unleashes a virus which crashes Lightman's systems. Now Lightman knows the type of vindictive person Zach is, and works to use that ego against him. He suggests to Wollowski that they should follow the suggestion that Claire and Kyle were having an affair, which made Zach jealous.

There are hidden files which show Claire and Kyle together but Zach manages to delete them. Lightman confronts Zach, who confesses to killing Claire. But then he cockily says that the truth doesn't matter because he can get the best lawyers money can buy. However, Zach's confession has been recorded and he's incriminated himself.

Later, Lightman speaks with Gillian, assuring that she's going to be okay even after the loss of a patient. Lightman speaks with Emily, who says that she broke up with Liam because he didn't want to sleep with her before they were married. Emily then confronts Lightman about his feelings for Gillian, and he confesses to his daughter that he really loves her. When Emily asks why he hasn't told Gillian yet, Lightman is at a loss for words.
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