Lie to Me

Season 3 Episode 13

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Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 2011 on FOX

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  • Really Great episode!

    This episode was wonderful! The case was really interesting, Foster is so cute when she is broke. The scene with Emily moaning was really hilarious, Cal's face was priceless! And then we see Gill covered with blood, it was kind of chocking but I really liked it ! About the case, it was really inventive, I thinks it's my favourite case of Season 3, even if we don't get to see much of Ria and Locker. The scene with Lightman and Wallowski was also really funny even I don't like her. But the best moments were in the end: the Callian cuddle, the talk with Zack ( really impressive ) and then...this magic moment: THE L WORD!!!!
  • Exactly why I love this show

    First of all I have to say that if FOX doesn't give us season 4 they are doomed. Bad things will happen to them ;)

    I have to say that Kelli Williams gave one of her best performances in the series if not the best. She was shaken, broken, serious, broken again, all in seconds. Hard to achieve, but she played it effortlessly.

    The case was pretty much like The Social Network but they made it interesting enough to keep watching. Cal came back to his roots, reading people, expressions, pointing out who did it even when the evidence said something else and defending his decision until he got the guy.

    One of the best things of this show is the wonderful relationship between Cal and Emily. When teenagers in other shows are pretty messed up, here you have an intelligent, mature, loving daughter whose parents are divorced and who's not slightly affected by it. She pretty much evolved from the beginning of the series and when you have a character grow, it's a win for the writers. Nobody wants to see a character stay the same forever.

    Finally Cal admitted that he loves Gillian. No surprise here, his eyes said it millions of times. Tim and Kelli's chemistry is unique and one of the strongest on TV right now. Summer or fall, I don't care. I want the show back.
  • The (now) series finale of Lie To Me puts a deadly spin on The Social Network. The case is interesting but lacks any kind of intrigue.

    When relying on one case of the week, there's a decent level of intrigue and engagement necessary to carry the hour. In the finale, that in light of FOX' cancellation this morning bears much more weight, puts no effort into making a powerful episode, even if it has the ingredients.
    The story of friends betraying each other for money, ultimately ending in murder, lends itself perfectly for a touching story with various twists. Anyone can relate to the possibility of ditching friends if the price is high enough, yet, the episode barely focuses on the kind of friends the three guest stars had. There's no emotional bond with them and the resemblance to TSN doesn't help. Zach, for instance, looks too much like TSN' Mark only without Eisenberg's isolated performance. Gillian's relationship with the victim is touching and makes up for the most gripping part of the episode but hardly helps her objectivity when it comes to the case. If you don't buy into Lightman's wisecrackin', you're not convinced of Zach's fault. Micheal B. Jordan's presence is a nice escape from the case, so is Hayley's boyfriend, and his dynamic relationship with Lightman begs for more episodes. For a show that I never gave a chance, it was pretty good. Too bad I gave it a chance on the very finish line.
  • Not all programmers are sociopaths

    I didn't like the focus on Zach. Yes, there was the good guy programmer who wasn't that insane, but I feel like this episode gives programmers a bad rap - totally absorbed in code and systems with no people skills. The industry is not like that. No one would hire Zach and his insanity would be an instant red flag. Most programmers I have come across are friendly, with a genuine interest in software, and frequently collaborate with their peers/coworkers to design and solve software problems. They do not need some daddy figure like Cal to lecture them.
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