Lie to Me

Season 1 Episode 4

Love Always

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 18, 2009 on FOX

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  • Lie to me Korean Style

    This episode has just as much to with family as it does with politics. While protecting the South Korean Ambassador at his son's wedding, his son is shot. Cal and his team go through everyone there and cannot find a suspect. Initially Cal thinks it is may the the Ambassador's body guard, who is actually his son as well. The body guard has no respect for the son that is getting married. It all starts to come together when they are watching the tape of the wedding and the bride makes a motion when saying her name that indicates it is not her real name. Apparently she had gotten out of a bad marriage several years before, moved and changed her name. As luck would have it, one of cameramen was here ex-husband and was stalking her. He smuggled a gun into the wedding and shot the groom. The bride thought that after all of this came out the Ambassador would disown her be he took her to see her groom at the hospital. One very important thing that happened in the end is that the Ambassador gave his bodyguard (his son) a deep bow of respect; something he had never done in the past.