Lie to Me

Season 2 Episode 19

Pied Piper

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 16, 2010 on FOX

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  • Great episode! An all tieeme favorites!

    This was an amazing Lie To Me episode, which was definitely extremely enjoyable and very interesting to watch. The storyline was a fantastic one, an d definitely one that hit Cal close to home.

    It was a very spooky episode, with the telephone conversation/calls. They were very freaky and I really liked that aspect of it.

    I also enjoyed the suspense that this episode provided. Particularly, when Emily was 'in danger', that was really scary, and they created the suspense very well.

    Lastly, I'd highly recommend this episode. It was definitely one of my all-time favorites, and I really enjoyed it. Keep it up, Lie To Me, as there have been some great episodes recently, and I can't wait for some more just like it!
  • The Shield reunion.Sort of.

    This was a great episode. Cal shows that his special brand of crazy can been seen differently in different situations. He is nuts, but the kind of nuts that makes the show so much fun to watch.

    What was distracting was the "Spot 'The Shield' cast member" game I had going on. I spotted six. For a moment I thought that in an ironic twist the bad guy would turn out to be Michael Chiklis. No dice there, but close enough.

    The relationship between Cal and Jillian has changed and evolved. In the first season there was romantic tension between the two. It has abruptly changed to a sort of 'just friends' mode. I wonder why?
  • Lie to the Shield, with a British accent? - Fabulous!

    Took Shawn Ryan a while to do this, but I guess he had the right if anybody did.
    I missed Vic & Shane especially, but we got a good showing from the rest - Danni, David Aceveda, Corrine, Lem & of course Ronnie & Steve Billings as you've never seen them before. I was waiting for one of the others to be the actual villain, I was hoping for Vic, but it wasn't to be. Other than the 'spot a shield' game, Tim Roth was his usual irascible self. Over the top every minute, but the character plays well like that, Cal couldn't be played any differently. I like the move of British actors into main-stream American shows, even now being 'allowed' to play them with their real accents is a fabulous move. Breath of fresh air.
    Loved it. The Shield was one of my favourite ever shows. Enjoying Lie to Me too - a fabulous combination.
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