Lie to Me

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 2009 on FOX

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  • Intriguing. Could be Roth's House.

    While the facial micro-expressions are performed without enough subtlety (and so come across as gurning), the two plots are pretty off-the-shelf and the spread of lead characters is mandated by US TV law (the maverick hero, the powerful woman, the gifted rookie and the odd one), the concept is intriguing. Part of why you want to watch is, well, not to put too fine a point on it, a fascination with becoming a better liar or, if you're lying about it, to try and better detect liars yourself. Tim Roth is our maverick hero and is, as usual, excellent. This could be his House but only time will tell.

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  • This could be good.

    The murder of a teacher prompts The Lightman Group to investigate a student who was seen fleeing the murder scene. Meanwhile, the team also takes on the case of a politician who is accused of paying for sex. So this started over here last night becuase I'm a fan of Tim Roth I thought I would give it a go. I have to say it has potenial, the show reminds me of House there are a lot of simularities here. I will carry on watching this show, I liked the acting aain the episode and the lying stuff was pretty cool.
  • Really enjoyed this, the theme of lies is going to be interesting for sure.

    So 'Lie To Me' turns out to be another great show of its kind. First the Mentalist and now this...all is well in crime investigation TV land. Both Cal and his female counterpart were great characters, both have potential for brilliant development. I liked how we got information on each...Cal has a daughter and the woman (Zoë perhaps!?) has a suspicious husband.

    I liked how they employed the other female (Sorry I can't remember the name again) it was funny how the cash turned out to be her start bonus. As I said before the theme of lies seems really interesting, I loved the insights into how people behave. It even got me intrigued about people I know. The case was actually enjoyable and I found myself wanting to know who killed the teacher. Loved the ending with the fake suicide...wasn't expecting it...the note was funny 'Bring this to me in 5 minutes and acts grim' brilliant.

    And of course the ending song 'Easier to Lie' fitted the show down to the ground. I look forward to the second episode.
  • *** Spoiler-free *** Fascinating concept and interesting characters, questionable acting and production, episodic format I hate you

    I wasn't expecting to find their applied psychology techniques so fascinating. I already knew a few things about body language and facial expressions but I definitely learned a lot. For example I didn't know a liar kept eye contact so it's natural to look somewhere else when you're thinking about what you want to say. So the episode was very insightful but I found the acting wasn't genuine enough and it was obvious the performers forced their expressions to make us believe in the concept. However using historical photos to assert their arguments was quite convincing.

    As for the characters I was gladly surprised by them because for once I think they're well balanced. The leader keeps a distance, his female assistant skills were also well used and the younger mates also contributed to make their team as likable as possible. The protagonist can detect lies because he's a micro expressions experts but he knows that using it is not always appropriate even if he apparently can't control his ability. As for his assistant she's a words worm and knows how to convince someone, by using affirmations for example, but also to analyse what they say. In fact she reminded me of Dune by Frank Herbert but her gift is real, she doesn't magically charm people with her voice. An other character I liked was the guy who always tell the truth. He's not Jim Carrey but definitely someone you can relate to. As for their new female recruit she's gorgeous but I'm not really fond of her for the moment even if her more natural approach could be interesting to follow. It contrasts with the protagonist more rational and mechanical one. Last but not least they made me laugh from time to time so you should instantly fall in love with them.

    But even if it has many qualities I also noted a few flaws. First the production quality is average and I suspect some budget cuts because at times it reminded me of shows like Mental where even the lighting has issues. However it's not that bad and even good enough so immersing into their universe shouldn't be a problem. Second I worry that the writers have used all their bright ideas in the pilot to amaze the audience. I'm sure they have kept some bullets for the whole season but the concept has its limit. Third and last I can't help comparing it to Castle and CSI: NY, other procedural shows. The very first minutes you know the format is episodic and I just hate that. They didn't even try to develop a major arc to intrigue us. Right from the beginning they started a new déjà vu investigation. In fact there were two arcs but none of them really interested me. There was nothing original about the story and only the fresh ideas made it entertaining.

    For me such a format can only ruin a show because it depends on the quality of its many scripts. I can't imagine how great Lie to Me would be if it had the strong format of shows like Dexter ! One major arc with a serial killer to catch and new investigations from time to time. But if you don't mind its procedural approach then I can only recommend it.
  • Facial expressions and body language don't lie. Fortunately for Tim Roth the suspects in the case of a murdered teacher DO - shame the viewer sees through every lie 5 minutes before it's revealed on screen

    I'm not one to watch procedural shows like CSI or Cold Case but the ads did make this one look good. So I gave it a try and it wasn't that bad, in fact, seeing as I watched it with my 2 brothers we all tended to discuss and guess the next lie to be found out. This however is both a gift and a flaw to the show because barring one (the fact that the locked up christian kid was only perving and not having an affair with the teacher) we guessed every lie/development minutes before it was figured out on screen. First the reason why it's a gift. If watching with other people it becomes a fantastic guessing game. Everybody likes a mystery but to solve it through analysis with others is more satisfying than just figuring it out for yourself.

    Secondly, the flaws. If every show is as predictable as this pilot then the novelty will ware thin very easily. Yes, Tim Roth is great in it (it's a procedural so no meaty, gut wrenching acting involved - he just breezes through) but it's the mechanics of the show that will see it survive, and that needs to be tweaked so it's not as easily guessed at every stage. So a promising start with a few things that need to be fixed for it to survive. Overall though I enjoyed it, just don't think I would've done so much if I had watched it by myself.
  • Interesting premises, about a behavioral scientist and his team, who are able to detect when people lie.

    Interesting premises, about a behavioral scientist and his team, who are able to detect when people lie. In the First Episode, Dr Carl Lightman, played by Timothy Smith, is interviewing a Skinhead. The FBI and ATF have spent four hours questioning him about the location of a bomb, in a black community church. He is able to determine the location, in about 5 minutes, from asking questions and studying his facial expressions. We have a teenage boy, from a devout Jehovah's Witnesses family, accused of murdering his teacher. The police saw him running, from her home, just before they discovered she was dead. He failed a polygraph test. The Mayor's office calls on Dr Carl Lightman to ensure the boy's guilty, as the District Attorney wants to try him, as an adult. After interviewing him, they know he didn't kill the teacher but have to prove it. The teacher finds out a student is pregnant and confronts her. The teacher is going to report, the Principal, as the father of the child. The student tells the Principal who kills the teacher. The boy was in love with the teacher and is feeling shame about it, given his father's strict religious beliefs. It is why he failed the polygraph test. A senior congressman, who chairs the Ethics Committee, appears to be purchasing sex. The character, Ria Torres, played by Monica Raymond, is recruited from her airport security job. She is a natural, having no special training, at discovering when people are lying. Her investigation, at the club, verifies the congressman is seeing the same girl, ever week, at a men's club. The club is known for prostitution. When the story leaks to the news, the congressman resigns. The team discovers, he meets the girl, to only talk to her. When they confront the congressman, he tells them she is his daughter. He doesn't want her to know, so the press can't make her life a media circus.
  • Excellent new show based on scientific evidence.

    Since I have studied NLP eye accessing, I was very interested in seeing this show. The eye movement stuff is real, folks! Also note research done by John Gottman, described in Malcolm Gladwell's book, BLINK. It shows how we all gaze indifferent directions whether we are recalling a memory or manufacturing it from scratch Very interesting stuff, and all represented in LIE TO ME.

    The actors were very good, and it was nice to see some people I have missed from other shows. The story was also very good, along with some excellent writing. I can see that this will definitely be a show to tune into every week. Good stuff!
  • Great episode, and a great way to start out a season...with LOST being the best show on television, Lie to Me could rival it

    Lie to me is an incredible interesting television show with a great premise. It is unlike any show on television currently. This episode had great character introduction, yet left me wanting to watch next weeks episode. The only problem with Lie To Me is that is it going to rival LOST which is going to be a tough task for any opening show. For those of you who havent seen Lie To Me, it is in your best interest to take a close look at a show that has strong potential to be a hit...but that remains to be unseen.
  • Interesting new show from Fox.

    This was really quite good, though it could be argued that there are a few to many similarities with The Mentalist, though. There were plenty of twists and turns in the plot to keep you gessing throughout. Cal is an interesting character and he works well with Gillian. This episode certainly shows that the show has potential. It was well written and had good acting. The case was alright with the teenagers and the principal and so was the one about the congressman seeing his adopted daughter who is now an escort. I am really looking forward to learning more about the leading characters.
  • A good start, with room for improvement.

    While this episode is obviously a pilot (aside from the title, the exposition is nearly painful in places), it has great promise. A great premise, some great performances, and some good writing. They don't choose easy plot "escapes," and they tend to build characters, rather than cardboard cut outs (there are a few exceptions, but - again - it's a pilot). The show has potential, and Tim Roth is fantastic as a cynical analyst of human behavior, struggling to hide the burden his "gift" (the reading of other people's body language) actually presents. I look forward to seeing where this show goes and hope it avoids the temptation to become yet another crime procedural.

    8.5, with room for improvement.
  • Great!

    As expected the acting is fantastic. All the characters are interesting despite the fact that we really do not know that much about them yet. The show has tons of potential, which I hope it lives up to. Characters of this sort can really grow and deepen making for great TV. The writers did a really good job with not making the lie thing to hokey or the show to overly moral or not moral. Overall, this is one of the better pilots I've seen in awhile. I will definitely give the show a chance and I think you should too.
  • Interesting but not to revealing. FOX is planing this to be a Bones companion.

    This show is definitively in the Bones style and that was clear from the start of these episode. The actors are interesting especially the girl from the Practice. I wan't to see where this show is going. Most of the episode was to fast moving and somehow it looked like they wanted to put to many storilines in the show. That is fine but it has a backside. I was kinda hoping to see character introduction in this episode but that didn't happened. It looked like we already knew the characters but we didn't. I hope they will introduce us with them soon or it going to became painful to watch. Overall I think that this show has a potential but I will need to see more then one episode so that I can judge.
  • Catching People In A Lie

    Our pilot has the team delving into the case of a teenager accused of killing her teacher as well as a politician who's accused of solicitation. In both cases, have their individual challenges. An overzealous DA makes things difficult for the teenager and the media presents a problem for our politician. I figured out real quickly what the scenario was with the Weil. I thought that aspect of the episode was pretty cut and dry. The situation with James Cooke was a little bit more challenges. I think this was due to the multiple people involved. Which as it turns out is a case of an unscrupulous principal, a pregnant teenager and a teacher that caught them. But I LOVED the twist of lying to get the truth.
  • Great Stuff!

    I always like Tim Roth. I also like Kelli Williams smiling because she has a great smile. Her appearances have always been grim (Practice, Medical Investigations). I think she has great comic potential. Tim Roth, of course, is in his element. Maybe they should clean shave him. The episode made me check my own responses to questions. It was annoying because I could not focus on work. So I guess its addictive. I am certainly going to watch this but I think they should introduce a secondary plot line to stretch along the season. Making each episode standalone does not have much appeal.
  • I absolutly love this show!

    My husband and I watched it for the first time tonight, it was the episode where the 16 year old Jehovah Witness boy was accused of killing his teacher and at the end they faked the girl into confessing that she was having an affair with the principal and having his baby. When the show was over my husband looked at me and said "We gotta watch this again. I like it. We should send a message to them and tell them." It was informative given if this info is real and down to earth. I love this show and I hope you keep it coming!
  • Short and simple; guy can tell if your lying simply by holding to conversation with you.

    I personally love the show. I am not a professional, and have no expirience in the industry, but as a fan, I really enjoyed this show. Fox is pretty cut throat though, so I hope they give this show a chance. Putting it on after Idol hopefully gave it the exposure it needed, and pulled in a nice crowd. But aside from your typical corny, smoozy TV jokes, but the information given out during the show is amazing. I would definetely recommend this show to anyone inquiring about the reading of body language. I have to have 100 words so...