Lie to Me

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 2009 on FOX

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  • Facial expressions and body language don't lie. Fortunately for Tim Roth the suspects in the case of a murdered teacher DO - shame the viewer sees through every lie 5 minutes before it's revealed on screen

    I'm not one to watch procedural shows like CSI or Cold Case but the ads did make this one look good. So I gave it a try and it wasn't that bad, in fact, seeing as I watched it with my 2 brothers we all tended to discuss and guess the next lie to be found out. This however is both a gift and a flaw to the show because barring one (the fact that the locked up christian kid was only perving and not having an affair with the teacher) we guessed every lie/development minutes before it was figured out on screen. First the reason why it's a gift. If watching with other people it becomes a fantastic guessing game. Everybody likes a mystery but to solve it through analysis with others is more satisfying than just figuring it out for yourself.

    Secondly, the flaws. If every show is as predictable as this pilot then the novelty will ware thin very easily. Yes, Tim Roth is great in it (it's a procedural so no meaty, gut wrenching acting involved - he just breezes through) but it's the mechanics of the show that will see it survive, and that needs to be tweaked so it's not as easily guessed at every stage. So a promising start with a few things that need to be fixed for it to survive. Overall though I enjoyed it, just don't think I would've done so much if I had watched it by myself.