Lie to Me

Season 2 Episode 14

React to Contact

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 28, 2010 on FOX

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  • another point of view to the war.

    It is good to see again Enver Gjokaj from Dollhouse and Alona Tal from Supernatural. Last year, we watched a lot of episodes about Iraq War. It is important to remember the loved ones who died while serving their country.
    There is a sergeant who has a mental issues. The story is not unique. The old same story that we can predict, something happened in war, one soldier comes back home and doesn't remember what happened there. And our team tries to make him remember. After last week's episode, there is more scenes and dialogues between Cal and Gillian. I love their on-screen chemistry and arguments. But the most funniest moment is the one that Emily gives to Cal a cactus. This made me laugh a lot. What a great moment.
  • Absolute bollocks and American crap that should not be used for anything except wiping behinds.

    So let me get this straight; a mind of a hardened soldier could not stand the thought of his captain ordering an air strike so he went bonkers? Right.
    OK, let's say for the sake of argument that can pass the litmus test.
    Now, let's go a bit back: the same soldier failed to shoot at the enemy and as a direct consequence a friendly soldier was killed by friendly fire.
    This is where rage boils. Rage at all damn Die Hards and American movie supermen and wrong decisions which are crap for anything but the silver screen and the psyche.
    In a fire zone WHAT DIFFERENCE does it make if the one shooting at you is 10, 20 or 80? Shooting the kid would have meant the entire torching, lost eye and lost life of the other soldier would (probably) not have happened. Not to mention that if friendly fire is not a crime, the captain would hardly have made such an overstated decision.
    I get the same feeling when Bruce "McCain" Willis choses to "do the right thing" in a million to one odds and succeeds every time, obviously.
    I am amazed that still, after all this time, American television is trying to put a white picket fence and "we don't do some things" when everything in this situation dictated otherwise.
    Utter rubbish reminding me, at best, of romanticizing the expansion of the wild west with "how we feel it should be" but in reality - not even close.
    Good to see Gjokaj back - he is a marvelous young actor, and he gets a three. The episode itself gets a zero. Stop while you're behind with these kinds of TV decisions.
  • Very interesting episode, where Lightman deals with an Iraqi war veteran who may be suffering from PTSD.

    This episode was one with an extremely interesting storyline. The whole episode was very interesting, and I thought it was very well written, and quite good.

    One criticism I have is that it didn't seem to be very unique, just seemed like every other episode of this show. It diedn't stand on out, in my opinion.

    Although it wasn't exceptional, I do have to say that the episode was still very interesting. I loved the case that they worked on, and I thought the ending to the episode was great. Really enjoyed the resolution adn the case finally being solved.

    Would highyl recommend this episode, and I can't wait to see more great episodes! Not the best episode of this show, but it does come close! :)