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  • Really good but season 3 ?

    Still good but too obvious about introducing new characters

    Like episode 7

    When it flashed on Michael b Jordan breaking into a car it was so obvious he was gonna be the next character

    He is too famous to just be introduced once

    Seems like the writers think in order to keep our interest they have to keep introducing new people
  • Miss 'Lie to Me'

    Loved it, loved it, loved it. One of the few shows my family and I could/would watch together (older children, but under 25 yo).
  • Lie to me is one of the most original entertaining program I've ever seen in years I can't believe it would be discontinued

    Best most original program unusual ways of Tim Roth his quirky ways make him believable great acting keeps its interesting love love love this show
  • Loved it! But something changed.....

    This is the first time I leave a comment because of a show being discontinued, but I really felt I needed to for Lie To Me. As a total series fanatic I've seen a lot come and go. Almost every single one had a build up towards the end and an ending, sometimes double, episode. Most of which failed to end the show satisfactory for me, like Lost. Lie to Me, however, did not have such build-up or ending episode. It just stopped! It just stopped at what I thought would be a show changer and what we viewers had probably seen coming since the beginning; Cal being in love with Gillian.

    I do very much agree with the comment hillsro wrote on January 30th. I watched the show on Netflix non-stop and as soon as Wallowski entered the scene I could feel it was the beginning of the end. But a misstep can always be repaired. I really wished it wasn't cancelled, I really loved the show.
  • Really?! Really?! REALLY?!

    I just watched the last episode of Lie To Me on Netflix and I wonder why it was taken off the air. It was witty, fun and I want to see more.
  • New Season needed now!

    This show is excellent, Tim roth gives it a special touch. For once a show thats a bit daring with the truth when linking expressions to real life high profile people like the president, maybe it touched a nerve? Bring it back and i believe it would get more ratings if it was show on more English freesat/freeview channels as not all of us have the luxury of Sky. i bought Seasons 1 - 3 box set and have been watching 2 a day and now getting close to to the end.......... :O(
  • I want a new season !

    This serial is BRILLIANT ! I love it! It's so awesome! I want a new season because these one were amazing !!!
  • Excellent! However..

    Watching a series end to end non-stop changes your perspective on the direction it took. I did not miss an episode of Lie to Me when it was on the air and was truly disappointed when it was cancelled. Re-watching the series on Netlix helped me pin point it's demise however. I still enjoyed the show, but in the 3rd season the personality of some key characters changed, mainly Gillian. The cast did not seem to gel the same way they did in the previous seasons. And replacing Reynolds with a dirty cop (Wallowski) did not help either.

    At the same time it was an excellent show and worth the time spent watching!

    i so wish they would bring this series back it is totally brilliant. i love the way they read faces.. makes for very interesting relationship communications and i feel like i learn something... its the third time i have watched the three series now... why do they axe programs and keep the ones that are crap? bring it back now pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • Suggestion for the show

    Love the show, but when you show famous/ real people's faces, can you please label them? I recognize many but not all. It would be great. Thank you

  • I used to cry every episode.

    I was so invested. I loved this show a lot. It had great chemistry between the characters and it was just wonderfully written. I loved the story lines, and though very much like a procedural (I guess it was) I still loved it and that says a lot.
  • Bring back Lie to Me

    I recently began watching Lie to Me on Netflix and got totally hooked. My family is also hooked. We sit around the dinner table and discuss our favorite characters & story lines. It is one of the smartest shows on TV. It is a shame it was canceled. PLEASE bring it back!
  • Put back on the air.

    This show separated itself from all the others like Criminal Minds, CSI, NCIS, Mentalist and many others. Probably the best show I have ever watched, hand down! Why Fox took it off the air is beyond me but if they were smart they would agree to whatever terms necessary to get it back on the air.
  • So missed

    I loved this show and miss the actors!! The characters seemed so real and I really got into this show wish it was back
  • The best

    I never have watch a eerie best than that one
  • LIE is the no 1 BAD thing in World

    Good TV SE

    some body lie . he can do any bad thing

    Ex kill
  • LOVED This Show

    I hate this show ended! I Loved watching it. Everytime I like a show and get into it, It gets cancelled!! Just pisses me Off!! Why cant they just leave them alone! Stupid Reality TV shows are taking over the TV. I hate them!! Leave my Shows ALONE!!
  • Get you Politic's outa my entertainment damnit.

    Why can't Writers stop with the political snipes against non liberals?. Haven't seen any later episode as I'm on season 1 but the constant examples of lying or dishonesty by showing pictures of Palin or Bush or Cheney ect. is insulting . Oh occasionally show Clinton but generally its Republicans.. Can we just get some non-partisan Entertainment for god sake! If it weren't so liberally slanted i'd give it a higher score

  • AMAZING SHOW!!!!!!

    I love this show so mad that it was ended!!!!!!!! Im addicted to this show!!!
  • awesome

    this show is awesome.
  • Great idea.

    Got really stupid in the end. But Love the show and all the cool info they gave you. It did need to end though.
  • Very silly

    I really wanted to like this show but ended up finding it very silly indeed. The whole premise of the show, subtle facial expressions and micro twitches, ended up becoming increasingly ludicrous until it reached the point where I couldn't watch it without groaning and continually rolling my eyes. A shame really as Tim Roth is a great actor.
  • Lie to Me and tell me it's not cancelled!!

    Just discovered this series and so bummed that it ended. Fascinating science, well played characters and it's gone. Typical FOX - I could say the same of "the Finder".
  • Why the hell was this show cancelled?

    REALITY TELEVISION DESTROYED ENTERTAINMENT FOR SMART PEOPLE!! When networks realized they could turn a profit without employing talented writers and actors the end was near.
  • bring back Cal Lightman!!!

    seriously i have watched Lie To Me three times and still found it amazing, i don't understand why Fox got it cancelled.. :(
  • Wish it'd come back :(

    When I first heard of it, I was thinking, "Cool, I would watch that if I had time." Later, when I watched an episode, I was hooked.

    I actually know the cousin of Paul Ekman, the mastermind behind microexpressions and fact checker of Lie To Me. In fact, Mr. Don Ekman's my AP psych teacher here in Oregon :D When I looked up Paul Ekman to see if it was true, I saw that he did Lie To Me, and I started watching it on Netflix. I wish there were more episodes. The 'Let There Be LIGHTMAN Revolution,' I hope it'll work. It'll let FOX know that there are still avid viewers out there who want to see more and more of it.
  • Return request.

    Just discovered this on Netflix last night & was fully immersed. Sad to see it wasn't what more Americans wanted. Think it's great & very worth while. Specially when Dr Lightman went to get a sandwich from a vendor & asked him if he washed his hands. Of course the vendor lied so Dr Lightman alerted all around that they might enjoy a feces sandwich from the guy.
  • hoping it to come back some how........????

    was an awesome tv series............i must say, what the hell they were thinking not to extend this tv series further...............still so much worst tv series get projected day to day on our televisions..........but this, this was an epic and still they discontinued audience is dying.......they need something different and this was the one we were having........what to say.......i'm still having a small hope inside.........just waiting.............
  • Very sad viewer

    I just watched the last episode on Netflix and I didn't realize it was the last one till I looked for more episodes and couldn't find any. It is a wonderful show and I don't know why they canceled it. It's really sad. I hope they realize how much this show is missed and they make more episodes. :(

    I don't remember why I didn't regularly watch this show. I found it on NetFlix and have been watching 3-4 episodes every night. The intertwining sub plots are way more fun than the gritty main themes and the personal involement among the Lightman Group keeps you coming back to see when / if Lightman and Gillian are ever going to really be an item.

    I always wondered if the examples shown as the frozen stills would get them political pressure--many pics of presidents and first ladies in a less than perfect spotlight.......

    This was a wonderfully written show and the actors were really getting it right....I miss your art.
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