Lie to Me

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 13, 2009 on FOX
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The FBI asks The Lightman Group for help after a terrorist bombing outside Washington, D.C.. Meanwhile, Zoe and Cal are both looking after their daughter's safety.

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  • A Brilliant Season Finale!

    Spoilers (would I lie to you.......?)

    Lie To Me continues to raise it's game with this really excellent final show of the first run. It continues to improve and this story was compelling. The whole premise of suicide bombers in the USA was controversial, tense and nailbiting (I wondered if this would be shown in the UK after the London bombings). The stress within the team while they dealt with the most potentially destructive threat we had seen so far only added fuel to the flames as they had to deal with the personal fallout of the main story. Lightman's concern for his ex-wife and daughter's safety. His relationship with his daughter is touching and gives him a humanity and Hayley McFarland is so believable as his daughter, her scene with Foster as she shows her fathers' talent for observation as she tells her that he is so much happier around her than with his ex-wife was a gem. Also Lightmans' decision not to tell Torres that her Secret Service Boyfriend was missing after the second explosion once again demonstrated his ability to put getting the job done above all else (and also paved the way for the episodes best scene). The three main characters burn bright;

    Lightman is the Machiavellian leader as he uses the truth anyway he likes to find the answers he is searching for. He'll lie to anyone to get the job done. As you would expect, he is the focal point of the show, and it's hard to imagine who other than Tim Roth would have done such a good job, he brings subtlety and power and raises the rest of the teams game 100%. Foster is the emotional lynchpin of the team keeping him vaguely in check and supporting the younger team members. Her relationship with Cal is the heart of the show - her ability to lie to herself is shown in her denial of her husband's philandering and Cal's feelings for her. Her fragility and inner strength makes her the human core of the team. Torres is the fiery newcomer has a natural talent and won't back down when challenged - she doesn't always like what Lightman expects her to become and she doesn't lie....yet.

    Loker is an strong supporting character, with his brand of extreme honesty and the irony that he only lied once and that was to his teammates. Combine that with the arrival of the excellent Mekhi Phifer who won't take any bull and has to learn a different way of working and you have such a strong set up for Season 2 As if that wasn't enough, the arrival of new show runner Shawn Ryan, from The Shield, will add polish and strength. He has apparently been on board for the end of the run - the final 2 episodes really stood out from what was already a compelling first season. For all the power of this weeks episode, and a lot does happen, the best scene was between Torres and Lightman at the end of show in the hospital when he tells her that her talent "doesn't belong to just you anymore." Killer line, killer show. Tell your friends (and lie if you have to).moreless
  • It's a gift to be shared to help others.

    I was intrigued from the beginning at Cal measuring up a domestic terrorist. I appreciated Cal being torn in regards to the safety of his family. One of the things I love about this show is watching the different tactics in reading people, like Torres' "accidentally" removing her headscarf. I really liked the aspect of Torres' possibly missing something and seeing her confidence shaken. I loved the fact of which the "bombers" don't fit the profile and Cal believed there was more to it. Gillian's announcement may change some things for both her and Cal. Torres may finally be learning, the hard way, that her talent comes at a cost and one she's going to have to decide is worth paying if she continues working for the Lightmen Group. You wouldn't have known this was a season finale base on the script alone but I still enjoyed it as I always do.moreless
  • What an amazing episode! Lightman and his team attempt to resolve a case dealing with suicide bombers all around Washington D.C..

    This was another great instalment to this epic sagea. I really loved this episode, as it was exceptionally suspenseful, quite unique, and perhaps it is my favorite episoede of this show, so far.

    I thought the storylin e was eimmaculate. There are no criticisms I have about the plit, and I really enjoyed every minute of this case.

    The added tenseness between Torres and the others also added another dimension to the show, and I really enjoyed it.

    The only downside is that I hoped that this episode would have a more suspenseful ending, with it being a season finale and all. There was no cliffhanger to keep us hooked on for next season.

    However, having said that, this was an amazing episode, and I really can't wai t for more amazing ones, next season!moreless
Mekhi Phifer

Mekhi Phifer

Ben Reynolds

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Jennifer Beals

Jennifer Beals

Zoe Landau

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Sean Patrick Thomas

Sean Patrick Thomas


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Hayley MacFarland

Hayley MacFarland

Emily Lightman

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    • Cal: How you doing? You all right?
      Gillian: I'm okay.
      Cal: You wanna talk about it, love?
      Gillian: Alec and I are separating. I'm moving out.
      Cal I'm sorry.
      Gillian: You know, I can't even picture it... Being on my own.
      Cal: Must be a long time.

    • Cal: Messler tells me you fired your gun the same time as the guy moved.
      Reynolds: I didn't have a choice. A second later he'd have hit the detonator.
      Cal: How'd you know?
      Reynolds: Just the look on his face, I guess.
      Cal We really are going to have to find you an office around here.

    • Messler: I'm turning him over to the CIA. They'll do what it takes to get him to talk.
      Lightman: Do you know what they call a place that breaks the law every time there's an emergency? Dictatorship.

    • Reynolds: And how the hell are we supposed to match a voice with a name?
      Lightman: Well, Foster never forgets a voice.
      Foster: Some of us are better at listening than others.
      Lightman: Thank you.

    • Emily: You know my mom's been spending all this time with dad. I mean, they think I don't know. It's like they don't even remember how bad it was.
      Gillian: They'll have to figure it out for themselves. Maybe it will be different. (she looks down)
      Emily: You don't believe that.

    • Emily: (about the bombings) It's so crazy. I mean, I heard 40 people are dead already and a bunch of them are my age.
      Gillian: Yeah, it is. But everything's going to be fine.
      Emily: You know, adults always say that, but I mean, it's not fine.
      Gillian: You know what... you're right. But not every day is going to be like this.

    • (Ria has just found out her boyfriend was injured in a bombing)
      Ria: Oh, wait... I see, I see, okay. It wasn't you, was it? Lightman decided not to tell me.
      Gillian: Everything possible was being done to find Dupree, and Cal relies on you, Ria.
      Ria: I don't believe this, I really don't. Lightman plays God and you make excuses for him. You leave me the hell alone.

    • Loker: I'm moving to Israel. If I'm going to live somewhere where I can get blown up in a bus or in a mall at any time, I want beaches and women who speak their minds.
      Reynolds: You don't have much of a filter, do you?
      Torres: He calls it radical honesty. It grows on you.

    • Cal: (to Ria) This isn't about you. It's not about me. You think I wanted to lie to you about your boyfriend? Do you? You have a talent. But it comes with sacrifice. Believe me. And it's time for you to realize that that talent it doesn't belong to just you anymore.

    • Ria: (to Cal) See, what you do, lying all the time, deciding who gets to know what... It doesn't matter with Loker, 'cause he worships you, or Foster, who indulges you, but not me. Not anymore.

    • Cal: And you're leaving soon, aren't ya? Uh, no, uh, coffee stops, no supermarkets, and stay out of the capitol, all right?
      Zoe: You always did have a funny way of saying I love you.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Nevinné oběti (Innocent Victims)

    • Featured Music:
      Who By Fire? by Leonard Cohen
      Scene: (Opening Scenes) A boy lays in bed watching and waiting for his alarm clock to go off, looking distressed. He gets ready for his day with his worship/cleansing ritual. He rushes to catch his bus with his friend.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Belgium: May 25, 2009 on 2BE
      Australia: May 26, 2009 on Channel Ten
      United Kingdom: August 6, 2009 on Sky1/Sky1 HD
      Latin America: October 12, 2009 on FOX
      Czech Republic: May 30, 2010 on Prima
      Germany: June 2, 2010 on Vox
      Finland: June 7, 2010 on MTV3
      India: November 2, 2010 on Star World
      Slovakia: November 11, 2010 on JOJ