Lie to Me

Season 2 Episode 8

Secret Santa

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 23, 2009 on FOX

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  • great episode

    Lightman goes to Afghanistan to help find two missing marines. An American is found with the Taliban and he claims to have information on the marine's whereabouts. Lightman goes to see if he's telling the truth, which initially he is not. In the end, the man tells the truth and they find the marines. It turns out that he was placed in Afghanistan on a mission and was left there after his tracker ran out of battery. Back in the US, Foster is holding down the fort and Cal's daughter has a new boyfriend. I love Cal and his daughter together - they are so sweet and understanding and somehow she puts up with him constantly leaving and reading her. I liked learning more about Cal's past in Bosnia. Overall, great episode with an interesting story line and great character interactions and developments.
  • Great job! Very enthralling episode!

    This show is back for some new episodes, and this was a great one! I thought the storyline was intense, and I loved seeing Lightman being sent to Afghanistan.,

    The Secret Santa thing was quite funny, particularly with what happened at the end. Quite enjoyable, actually!

    The case was really interesting, and I think they did a sublime job with this one. There were some confusing moments, and it was a little twisting, but overall, very enjoyable an d I would love to see it again!

    Overall, this is certainly an episod e that I would highly recommend. Can't wait to see more, as this show is just great! Keep it up, guys!