Lie to Me

Season 2 Episode 12

Sweet Sixteen

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 14, 2010 on FOX

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  • The ghost from the old times comes town.

    It's a complicated and also a well written story. We see in this episode the first meeting of Lightman and Gillian. She didn't know him well back then but she was still tried to protect his family. And she lied him about that for the sake's of him. We clearly see how much she cares about Cal. And Cal feels responsible for murders of an innocent woman and girl. And he wants to expose the cover-up. During the episode Cal is consistently suspicious about Gillian. He knows that she hides something important from him. And finally at the end, she explains him everthing with all those tears in her eyes. Cal hugs her. This is a very good emotional scene.
  • The Lightman group are forced to read each other in this action packed episode.

    What started out as a really great episode, slowly went downhill as the episode progressed. I still liked the epsiode, it's just as the beginning, I was getting the feel that this was going to be an amazing episode like the last one, but it didn't really fit my expectations by the end. I like how we see an appearance of Lightman's daughter, and that we get to see some flashbacks of Lightman & Foster's friendship, when they first met, Lightman was Foster's client. So we definitely get to see some development there. I loved seeing Torres care for Loker, and the fact that Loker was in the middle of everything and he wanted answers was a great plot. All the rest, was pretty boring, I think this epsiode just delved in to the past, and sort of lost it's focus from the beginning, regardless it was a great episode, just not what I was expecting.
  • One of the better episodes.

    This episode did a great job in showing how Lightman and Foster first met in the Pentagon in 2003. The story was interesting and I like it when the whole team focuses on one case. Lightman also seemed more human this episode and I enjoyed watching him and Foster together, in the flashbacks as well as in the present.
    The killer apologizing at the end of the episode and the supposed terrorist whose wife and child were murdered not shooting him is a little ridiculous but we're all in favor of happy ends, right? The hug at the end was really cute.
  • Another gripping Lightman tale.

    Opening with the murder of a child always opens up my tear ducts ... and TV producers seem to know this ... This episode was gladly focusing on one story (making the present and the past the A and B parts, unlike last weeks 'what? UFO story? awkwardness') In this episode we get a deep look into Lightman and Forster's pasts and how they met ... we also get to see a new side of Lightman ... fear ... very genuine, very touching ... I am glad that the threat on his daughter (other than might finding a boy - friend for a sleep over) was not plaid out too much. Would have been more tears ...

    Overall a great episode and I just love how Lie To me manages to keep me guessing and coming up with new things (this time 'the past')

    Best quote 'you hacked my computer, you can't do that' ... 'in my sleep' ... :D
  • Excellent!

    I'm so glad that this show got a third season because it keeps getting better. And the rise in the ratings prove it.

    Finally we see how Cal and Gillian met and the special bond they developed even when they've known each other for such a short time. I would like to know how they starting working together, but still, flashbacks were great.

    The case began in a cruel and sad way but it kept me interesting until the end. And the truth won again.

    I never had any interested in Cal and Gillian's relationship until I realized how much they respect, admire and care for each other. I don't mean anything like them getting together, but their dynamic is incredible and their unspoken words are always nice to see.

    Can't wait for next week.
  • Lightman and Foster are forced to revisit events in their past after one of Lightman's former Pentagon colleague is killed by a car bomb.

    loved the episode, you get to learn more about cal and his past. You also learn about Gillian's past and how they met. Love the show, only thing i think they should improve on is telling us what emotion they are showing when they show pictures of famous people because then we can learn instead of not knowing. they show some pictures in this episode.

    At the end of the episode, do you get to hear what Gillian tells Cal because my recording just has her repeating he came to my house, i see there lips moving but dont know what is said
  • Quite confusing (maybe because I missed the begining)!

    This was certainly not the best episode I've seen, because I missed most of it stupidly, due to errors in my TV! The sound wasn't waorking at all, so I didn't understand the first 10-15 minutes.

    Afterwards, I found the storyline to be really interesting, but I was a little confused all throughout it, for the obvious reasons!

    Definitnely seemed like an interesting episode, so I'll recommend it to anyone, but I'm planning to rewatch it again soon myself

    Overall, kkeep it up Lie To Me, and I look forward to not missing the episode that airs next week! Thanks wfor waht appeared to be a great episode of Lie To Me!