Lie to Me

Season 2 Episode 1

The Core of It

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2009 on FOX

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  • This is my favorite episode!

    'Lie To Me' produced a scintillating premiere to Season 2 of the show, with a somewhat confusing, yet entirely suspenseful episode. The storyline was such a unique one, and certainly one that was well thought out. A lot of effort was clearly put into the plot, and it paid dividends.

    I thought they utilised the mutliple personality disorder really well, and they producted some great scenes. The concept was amazing, and after this episode, I'm sure this show will develop into an absolute favorite of mine, if it hasn't already!

    Keep it up Lie To Me! This is my favorite episode, and I highly recommend it! Hope you watch it, because you will enjoy it!
  • An inspired season premiere. A fascinating, edge-of-your-seat mystery.

    A great kick start to Season 2 for this newcomer to the drama genre. A young woman approaches Lightman at a book signing and asks him if he believes her when she says she has witnessed a murder. He does, and thereby begins to delve into the mind of someone with multiple personalities to uncover the truth about the victim and the killer. The multiple personality/disassociative identity disorder angle was ingenius. To have one personality unable to talk so that personality shows the events of the murder to another personality in a psychic-like dream who then it able to relay the information to Lightman is fantastic. They did well to ensure that they didn't lose the audience admist all the personalities and the girl who played Jessie/Tricia/RJ/Sophie was rather good.

    The scene where Lightman has to verbally and physically attack Sophie in order to have the RJ personality emerge was intense and you genuinely feel afraid for Sophie. The only let down was the scenes where Torres was interviewing the Judge. I found Torres' nervousness and tentative nature off-putting. I didn't feel like it was communicated effectively that this was a big test of her abilities and therefore her behaviour is slightly wierd. And I was a little disappointed that nothing eventuated with the Judge having an affair with the younger woman. The whole "I had strong feelings for her, but we just kissed thing" really felt like a cop out. Not to mention the Judge character had no redeeming qualities and barely no personality so all you felt is in indifference towards him. I thought perhaps that whole Judge storyline was rushed but given the complexity of the multiple personality storyline I understand why it was necessary. Finally, I'm really hoping they can give Mikai Phifer's character more depth and screen time throughout the season because right now he feels like an hanger-on rather than a contributor to the story.
  • Confusing... But very good!

    I have to say that I really like Erika Christensen's performance as the multiple personality woman. Cal really went over the top pushing Tricia/Jessie to talk about the murder... Or let the other personality now.

    How awful must've been for Ria to have been judged by her age. But she's quite good, she just needs to be convinced she is.

    I like the relationship Cal has with his daughter. I think he's a good father, even though he doesn't look like it, because of his tough personality. But I'm also liking the chemistry between him and Gillian. Now that she's divorced, who knows what could happen.