Lie to Me

Season 2 Episode 2

Truth or Consequences

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 05, 2009 on FOX

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  • My least favourite episode

    I love the show, but this episode is my least favourite so far (I just discovered the series now).

    I just don`t understand the concept of statutory rape (I am not from US). How can having consentual sex with an 16 yr old be criminal offence and called rape? What if they both were 16? Both rapists?

    Otherwise, it was interesting to see Cals emotions as he was thinking of his own daughter all the time. And I loved that Gillian saved the woman with her children, though it was so scary storyline of the cult were boys have to leave and women?ldren are basically kept as prisoners.
  • Continues to improve

    This show has definitely picked it up this season. The first season I mostly watched because I thought it was such a cool concept, but now the stories are getting more interesting and personal, and the writing is definitely much tighter. I thought "Truth or Consequences" was a great episode.

    The episode involves Cal and company investigating a college football player for statutory rape. Unfortunately, this type of story seems commonplace out there in the real world these days, but the added twist of this episode is that the victim is a friend of Emily. We also begin to learn a lot of new things about Emily, such as how she has a fake ID and is on birth control, a far cry from the perfect girl she has been portrayed to be. Should set up some interesting future drama.

    One particular scene I loved in this episode was when Cal and Ria go to a college party - it was one of the more accurately depicted party scenes I've seen in a TV show or movie…it actually looked real, like it's a party you could stumble upon at the nearest frat house. Loved Ria's response to when Cal asked her if she was drunk – great little character interplay.

    Also, I was pretty stoked to hear Bijou's "Bang" bumping in the background – a perfect party track for the scene…its one of those dance/party tracks that gets pumps the adrenaline without being obnoxious. You can watch the whole party scene at :
  • Getting better and better with each episode.

    I started watching this series when it began because I found the concept behind it very intriguing. It was slow to pick up pace and had a few mediocre stories during season 1.

    Season 2 changes all of this though. Even though only two episodes have aired thus far it feels really smooth. The storylines are brilliant and the writing seems to have improved over season 1.

    In this episode Cal shows more of himself, being a very protective father who has a hard time to realize his daughter is growing up to be an adult. He is confronted with a situation which is directly related to his daughter and lets his emotions get involved as the story pushes forward.

    Foster also lets her emotions get involved in a different case with an outcome which may prove to have a negative effect on the Lightman Group.

    This has been a very good episode!
  • Getting better & better.

    I love this episode, considering this is just the second episode, best of the season by far. I love how they involve the daughter with the fake ID and the birth control pills. It keeps you guessing till the very end. Like even in the last 1 minute of the episode, something big can happen like the father shooting the lawyer. I loved the new religion storyline. And how Gillian did something bad for once. It was good for the family. The religion creeped me out though. Anyways, I like how Torres pretended to be a college student to get answers. Hilarious. Really amazing episode & show.
  • Terrible consequences

    I think Cal had to deal with one of the most terrible cases in his life: having his daughter in danger of one day becoming a victim like the one on the case he was working on.

    I understand his fear and his anger, but I wonder what would've happened had he not be a little blinded by the fact that it could've been his daughter the girl on the tape. I can't believe how some parents don't know the kind of children they have and act on whatever they tell them. Of course I know that as a parent you have to support your children, but you also have to know that sometimes they have to be responsible for their consequences.

    I like how Gillian helped that poor woman and I'm sure her maternal instinct had a lot to do with it.
  • Very good and impressive episode.

    I really enjoyed this particular episode, and I would have to say that it is one of my favorites from this show so far. The case was an extremely interesting one, and I think it was certainly a cpativating and enthralling one as well.

    There was also a sense of unpredictability within this episode, as it wasn't clear what would happen with that case, and the storyline was definitely not as straightforward as it appeared to be.

    I also enjoyed the intervals with the interactions between Zoe, Emilty and Cal, patticularly Cal going through Emily's things.

    Overall, a very sensational episode! Keep it up, Lie To Me, and I can't wait to see some more great episodes!