Lie to Me

Season 2 Episode 2

Truth or Consequences

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 05, 2009 on FOX

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  • Continues to improve

    This show has definitely picked it up this season. The first season I mostly watched because I thought it was such a cool concept, but now the stories are getting more interesting and personal, and the writing is definitely much tighter. I thought "Truth or Consequences" was a great episode.

    The episode involves Cal and company investigating a college football player for statutory rape. Unfortunately, this type of story seems commonplace out there in the real world these days, but the added twist of this episode is that the victim is a friend of Emily. We also begin to learn a lot of new things about Emily, such as how she has a fake ID and is on birth control, a far cry from the perfect girl she has been portrayed to be. Should set up some interesting future drama.

    One particular scene I loved in this episode was when Cal and Ria go to a college party - it was one of the more accurately depicted party scenes I've seen in a TV show or movie…it actually looked real, like it's a party you could stumble upon at the nearest frat house. Loved Ria's response to when Cal asked her if she was drunk – great little character interplay.

    Also, I was pretty stoked to hear Bijou's "Bang" bumping in the background – a perfect party track for the scene…its one of those dance/party tracks that gets pumps the adrenaline without being obnoxious. You can watch the whole party scene at :