Lie to Me

Season 2 Episode 2

Truth or Consequences

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 05, 2009 on FOX



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    • Loker: Do you really believe that there's a man in the clouds who will solve your problems if you make a wish to him?
      Gillian: So being a scientist means I can't believe in God?
      Loker: Well, last I checked, talking to invisible people is usually diagnosed as schizophrenia.

    • Ria: Maybe you should let me talk to him.
      Cal: Maybe you should remember whose name is on the door.
      Zoe: She might be right.
      Cal: Oh, says the woman who's bringing up personal gripes from law school.

    • Loker: We're not here to judge, remember?
      Gillian: How can I not judge someone who creates their own harem, and tosses out the competition when they hit puberty?
      Loker: Judge him? How can I copy him?

    • (Cal is checking Emily's drawer)
      Emily: That's such a violation.
      Cal: Yeah? Well, your mom's a lawyer. Sue me.

    • Emily: You just read me. You swore you would never do that and you just did.

    • Gillian: Why did you do that?
      Loker: You gotta have faith in something and I'm putting mine in you.
      Gillian: Thank you.

    • Cal: I hope for your sake these are just Tic-Tacs.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Co přinese pravda (What Will Bring the Truth)

    • Featured Music:
      1. Bang! by Bijou
      The 1st song at the party that Cal & Torres go to to find out who made the video. (not the party at the beg. of the episode).
      2. Kingdoms of Rain by Mark Lanegan
      Scene: (CODA - Closing Scenes) The girl's dad goes to the D.A.'s house. He tells the D.A. that someone has to pay and then he shoots him. The team watches the aftermath of the shooting as the scene is processed and the father is arrested. The team observes that he is at peace. Cal goes home and talks to his daughter. She is upset about Susan and how everything got so messed up. He tells her that you can't predict consequences and that when it comes to her, the unknown is what scares him the most. He gives her back her birth control pills and they hug. They say they love each other and as he walks out, he tells her to be good.
      3. "Hands Up" by Lloyd Banks

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: October 13, 2009 on Channel Ten
      United Kingdom: October 15, 2009 on Sky1/Sky1 HD
      South Africa: January 15, 2010 on M-Net/M-Net HD
      Latin America: February 15, 2010 on FOX
      Finland: June 21, 2010 on MTV3
      Germany: September 15, 2010 on Vox
      India: November 4, 2010 on Star World
      Slovakia: November 25, 2010 on JOJ
      Norway: December 13, 2010 on TV2
      Czech Republic: May 16, 2011 on Prima

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