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Life After People: The Series

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Life After People: The Series is a speculative documentary TV series developed by the History Channel as a what-if look on what would happen to Earth if humanity no longer existed, including the affect its disappearance would have on not only the environment, the human-made inventions, and any of the human-affected areas of the world. While the cause of humanity’s disappearance is never stated, the series picks up immediately after the departure, showing the slow degradation of manmade constructions like office buildings and bridges and the eventually progression of nature, including the outspread of flora and fauna and the evolution of natural predators, from a day to centuries after the initial loss. Scientists, anthropologists, and other experts give their opinions on what would happen to a number of factors, including deadly viruses, formerly human-controlled populations of animals, buildings and bridges, and machines of war, with each passing year. Each episode also explores sites from around the World that had been abandoned for one reason or another, like the nuclear devastation of Chernobyl, a 900-year-old vacant Cambodian temple, and a geologically instable Italian town of Balestrino. Life After People is an interesting exploration of humanity’s effect on the planet and Earth’s ultimate evolution after we are gone.moreless

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AIRED ON 3/16/2010

Season 2 : Episode 10

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Science, Suspense, Travel


large scale destruction, isolation from society, fight for survival, Earth & Environment, extraordinary situations