Life After People

The History Channel (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • 3/16/10
      In this episode, the structures and icons built for the leaders in the world are examined and what may happen to them without man around to maintain them.
    • 3/9/10
      Structures built by man suffer a destructive destiny in a world without people with this episode focusing on icons such as the Capitol Records building and the Leaning Tower of Pisa and their ultimate fate examined.
    • Sky's The Limit
      Episode 8
      The effect of man's absence with regards to many well known icons is examined. Locusts look to invade the Midwest and the migratory patterns of birds are changed forever.
    • 2/16/10
      Tsunamis and tidal waves threaten to destroy everything constructed by man. Cities in the United States face massive flooding as leeves are breached and walls built to hold the water collapse. A unique feature of the Sydney Opera House leads to its destruction. Paintings praised by collectors in the past meet a tragic fate.moreless
    • Holiday Hell
      Episode 6
      In this episode, the icons of the holiday season disappear in a world without people. Firework factories eventually explode in a display no one will ever see, Christmas tree farms grow unchecked and reindeer must learn to adapt in this new world or face extinction.
    • 2/2/10
      This episode takes a look at the homes left behind with ruptured gas lines turning some into infernos that engulf everything around them and how an unseen flaw can cause sturdy castles to topple.
    • Last Supper
      Episode 4
      What will happen to our foodstuffs after we are gone? Some of our staple plants will survive, but many will not. Supermarkets will become breeding grounds for insects and rodents. Fancy restaurants in high rises will collapse. Even Da Vinci's painting of the Last Supper will suffer due to an unusual ingredient in the paint.moreless
    • 1/19/10
      Relics of our civilization thought to be secure in crypts, safes, and time capsules will be exposed to new threats in a post-apocalyptic world. Clues are offered by an abandoned mental hospital in Connecticut. Also, will the extra military training given to Marine Corps dogs help them to thrive in the wild?moreless
    • Toxic Revenge
      Episode 2
      Various chemicals and toxins left behind in a world without people will have a strong effect on the environment, as demonstrated by an abandoned town in America's heartland. Deadly gases will turn lakes and rivers into acid, and Niagara Falls will suffer a surprising fate.
    • Wrath of God
      Episode 1
      With people gone, our churches and other structures of God begin to crumble away, as also do some symbols of Satan.
  • Season 1