Life After People

The History Channel (ended 2010)





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  • A glimpse of a world without humans, what will become of the world?

    What would life on earth be like if humans had gone extinct? Well, Mother Nature would reclaim what humans had left behind. Structures needing human help will slowly degrade to dust, while other animals will move on. While some domesticated animals will be time to adapt into the wild, wild animals would have new places for their own homes. Zoo animals will check out the landscape in hopes of creating a new habits for their family, while some, like apes, would try to adopt human traits as their own. The mess humans leave behind would put some living creatures in jeopardy, but disasters bring opportunity for survivor since the earth is known to renew itself, giving a chance for evolution to take place. The main reason is clear… life goes on, even if humans would no longer be there to see it.
  • What Will Happen to The Earth After We're Gone?

    I think that this is an excellent TV series that the History Channel has produced not only because it raises questions as to what will happen to the Earth and everything on it after the human race inevitably becomes extinct, but it also gives some very shocking educated guesses in answer to that question.
    Everything man has built will crumble to dust, the animals will go on and mulitply, and nature will reclaim the Earth as it gets overrun with vegetation as a it becomes one big jungle without much proof that humans ever even existed. I give this series a perfect 10.