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  • I miss Life and style because it was intersting to watch.I enjoy all of the ladies.They gave you tips on different issues.If you didn't know how to walk in heels they taught you how.They was nice hostess.They show is better then the view.They get a ten.

    Life and style is better talk show then the view.Half of the time the view don't know what they are talking about.Life and Style made all women feel good about there self.They always gave good advice.They will be greatly miss.I give them a thumb up.There show was a excellent show.I would laid in bed in watch them.It is a relaxing show.I which they would come back on.I wondering why they went off the air.We need more show like this one.This is the only show that don't talk about useful stuff.Other talk show talk about nonsense that we don't even care about like the Tyra Bank show.She serve no purpose to have a talk show.We do have some good talk show.Like Montel,Oprah,Dr.Phil,etc.
  • there was nothing else on and I just happened to come across your show. I had to ask myself "does everyone have tv show these days?"

    Now, I didn't actully hate your show that much, and I know that this will probably not get read anyways, but I do have some advice for you on how you could make your show more to my and the mass majority of the populations liking.

    The first mistake are the host's. Who are these woman. Who can relate to these woman and who really wants to listen to these woman talk anymore?! Perhaps if the hosts displayed some form of intelligence I would be intrigued. However there is none. They come across as being stuck-up and kind of ungrateful.

    Next, as I sat and tried to give the show a fair shot, the more I realized that I hated it! Some of the spots on the show actually interested me, but the amount of time alloted for each topic was far to short and nothing was really gained!

    I just think that if the hosts spent more time talking about the topics instead of talking about talking about the topics, more people would be able to get into the show.

    I am not a middle aged house wife who sits at home all day and watches tv, and perhaps that is the market the show is aimed at. I just think the show could be doing a lot better. The only reason I watched the show in the first place is because it was 2 o'clock in the morning and there was nothing else on. I don't imagine there were a whole lot of house wives awake either!
  • Life and Style

    The show really did'nt deserve to see the light of the day, the show got a disistoraus rating, It trashed "Pyramid" and it got what it deserved, an ax and hoppefully it will be off the air soon along with Pat Croce moving out which is another loser of a show.
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