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ABC (ended 2005)

DVD Music List (incomplete)

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    This list is by order as they appear in the episode minus the instrumental cues by Josh Kramon and Ed Alton


    "Living in Question - Ms. Directed"

    "Jem - Come On Closer"

    "40ft. Ringo - Inside Your Head"

    "Split Habit - Ms Vandersanden"

    "Piney Davis - Almost Had Me"

    "Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out"

    "60 Cycle Hum - East Of Eden"

    "unknown song"

    "Dashboard Confessional Several Ways To Die Trying"

    Pilot Junior

    "Skye Marsden - Supergirl"

    "Ozomatli - Saturday Night"

    "unknown song"

    "Chapeaumelon - C'est La Fete Ce Soir(It's Party Time Tonight)"

    "The Swear - Deadfall(Abandoned)"

    "Melodrome - Sex,Cash And Fuel(America's Cool)"

    "The Collective - Gold and Honey"

    "unknown song"

    "The Bangkok Five - Chapter 11 (Noise)"

    "Modest Mouse - World At Large"

    Best Laid Plans

    "Jackpot - Sideways"

    "Border Ruffians - Who's The Man"

    "unknown song"

    "Chapeaumelon - Nonchalant"

    "Luther Russel - When You're Gone"

    "Palo Alto - Breathe In"

    Partly Cloudy, Chance Of Sex

    "Tim Cullen - On The Down"

    "Sia - Breathe Me"

    Secrets And Lies

    "unknown song"

    "Celldweller - I Believe You"

    "Aeon Spoke - Silence"

    "unknown song"

    "Paul Plagens - Changing Everything"

    "Aruna - Turn You Over"

    "High City Miles - You're At The Top Of My Hit List"

    "Eleni Mandell - American Boy"

    Natural Disasters

    "Hot Hot Heat - Talk With Me, Dance With Me"

    "Juliana Theory - At The Top Of The World"

    "Chris Warrior - Water Flow"

    "Unknown Song"

    "Celldweller - Frozen"

    "People People - Do You Feel Love"

    "AEon Spoke - Emmanuel"

    With A Kiss I Die

    "Aeon Spoke - For Good"

    "Snow Patrol - Run"

    Family Hard-Ships

    "Stereoblis -I Wrote You 8 Half Letters"

    "Poxy - Bad Habits"

    "unknown song"

    "Poxy - I Know What You Don't"

    "unknown song"

    "unknown song"

    "Gary Jules - Greetings From The Side"

    A Little Problem

    "Chapeaumelon - Encore Une Nuit(just Another Night)"

    "Sum 41 - Slipping Away"

    Breaking Away

    "unknown song"

    "Jackpot - Tattoos"

    "unknown song"

    "unknown song"

    You Must Be Trippin

    "Ginger - Gasoline"

    "unknown song"

    "Jackpot - Hide In The Frequency"

    "High City Miles - What' Cha Gonna Do"

    "Low Five - Take You Over"

    "Velis - Leavers Dance"

    Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Junk

    "Paul Plagens - Good Day"

    "She Died - I'm Ten Feet Tall"

    "unknown song"

    "Jackpot - Pennies"

    "Kids These Days - Rest Tonight"

    Papa Wheelie

    "unknown song"

    "Unknown Song"

    "Gob - Break"

    "Jackpot - Far Far Far"

    "Luther Russell - My Best Mistake"

    As you can see there are a lot of songs I could not find samples of or lyrics to in order to name them. Some of the songs can be found on the "Position Music Inc" site.

    Feel free to update the unknown songs if you know them.

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    wow thanks so much... just wondering tho there abit hard to find where did you download them from??
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    I'm STILL searching for that last song at the end of the pilot ... I loved that.
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    i found out more one song from the last episode of the serie, it plays in this scene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_2R9FXo1E8 starting in 2min19sec of the video

    the song is "a fond farewell" by elliott smith


    well and i am still looking for this song from last episode of the serie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6VXJoWyU8o

    the song plays in the 4min and 22sec in this video or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqgFgY2Wtb4

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