Life As We Know It

Season 1 Episode 6

Natural Disasters

Aired Thursday 12:00 AM Dec 02, 2004 on ABC

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  • ben was an idiot!

    Imagine having a woman like ms. Young interested in you at that age, and he alienates her! What an idiot.
  • The developing relationship between Ms. young and Ben comes to a standstill when he realises that the secrecy is beginning to take its toll. Dancing with Sue provided more pleasure than sex with his teacher.

    This episode purely epitomises what adolescent life is like; Ben's sordid encounters, brooding Dino's sensitivity and the realisation that all good things come to an end. The metaphor of the "natural disasters" continues throughout with Max's earthquake coinciding with the earthquake that is also shaking up their lives, especially the Whitman family. Even though Dino knows he's scored a hot girl like Zoe, he can't help but miss Jackie. She tries to move on and attends Alateen, where she meets Matt. The homecoming dance beckons them, and as Ben dances with Sue, he feels more satisfaction in doing that compared to sex with Ms. Young.
  • Sue-Ben-Ms. Young?!

    Well Jonathan and Dino find out about what's up with Ben. At school the next day. Jonathan and Dino start asking Ben about it. And Ben tells them what exactlly is going on. Jonathan and Deborah decide to take a limo to the dance, but they need people to go with them to pay for the limo. Deborah and Jonathan get Ben and Sue to go together. At the dance Sue and Ben dance while Ms. Young is kind off stalking them. When the dance is over Sue invites Ben to an after party, Ben almost says yes when he sees Ms. Young looking at him. He quickly says no. when he goes to Ms. Young he breaks things up with her and when he is going to Sue. He sees Sue with some guy.