Life As We Know It

Season 1 Episode 13

Papa Wheelie

Aired Thursday 12:00 AM Unknown on ABC

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  • Awesome!

    I loved this episode, even though it was a major cliffhanger.
    I also wanted to add that anyone searching for the song featured in this episode, during which Ben, Jonathon, and Dino are getting ready to sell their stuff (lyrics are \"We will run, far far far under the sky\"), the song is Far Far Far by Jackpot. It drove me crazy for months until I FINALLY found it so maybe this will save someone else the agony :D
    But, back to reviewing, this episode was dramatic and extremely enthralling to watch, and even though it was disappointing because it left you hanging, I still enjoyed it thoroughly.
  • Simply perfect

    This epesod is simply perfect!!!
    The boys are trying to buy the car they discover...
    Deborah is still very hurt with Jonathan.
    And Sue figth with Ben too because she discover about Ben and Miss Young but afeter Ben explains everything they make the peacs!!!but the part I realy love is about jakie and dino in this episod Jakie and Dino are closer than ever and afeter a day that Dino stays and help jakie she decids to forgeven him and they make up in the end !!!
  • The boys work hard to earn money to pay off their car and it's accidents. All three of them get jobs but end up selling the car, since they can't afford the payments. Meanwhile Debs is reunited with her father, but with his changed attitude will Debs lea

    I really liked this episode. It made me really mad at the end, because it left me unsatifised. We never know what happens to Debs or Jonathan. At the end of the episode, Debs surprisingly leaves. Her decision was so shocking, because she didn't even tell her friends or Jonathan. We just see her with her bags and ready to go. I want more episodes but the show is cancelled. This was deffiantley a good shocking end, but it left you unsatifised for a 2nd season that would never come.