Life As We Know It

Season 1 Episode 4

Partly Cloudy, Chance of Sex

Aired Thursday 12:00 AM Oct 28, 2004 on ABC

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  • Divorce is so sad...

    Dino avoids hockey practice because of the whole incident and he gives fake excuses to his dad on why he didn't go. When his dad finds out when he talks with some other hockey player's dad... he is angered and goes to the coach. The coach tells him that Dino quit and the father is devastated. When they get home Dino's mother tells DIno's father what happened... they get into a huge arguement... Dino's dad goes to the coach and gives him a fist. Dino's dad goes back home and argues with DIno's mom again... he leaves once again. Ben joined school play so he could come home late... what he didn't knowis that he would play lead as Romeo. He and Ms. Young finally had sex after the results were posted. Jonathan and Debrah move foraward in their relationship. Jackie is still saddened on the fact that her dad is a drunkard. This episode was great... I loved the scenes with Ben's parents.