Life As We Know It

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 12:00 AM Oct 07, 2004 on ABC

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  • greatest episode ive ever seen

    the pilot starts off lawki so well. i enjoyed every single minute of it and my favourite scene is ben and monica (ms. young) behind the book tent. dino and his parents and the affair is a great idea. and deb and jonathan get together, they aren\'t my favourite couple, but they suit the moments. over all this is a great episode, 10 out of 10. i loved it!

  • Great beginning!

    Ok so in this episode Dino has a girl friend named Jackie. He pushes Jackie too far into wanting to have sex that she gets mad at him. At the carnvival... he apologizes to Jackie, but then Jackie tells Dino to meet her in her house. But before Dino went there he saw his mom and his hockey coach having sex... and he became very emotional so he just left. Jonathan likes a girl named Debra and they've been friends for awhile. Jonathan is too scared of what other people think that after people found out him in Debra were making out he avoided her. Debra then gave Jonathan a talk and then the second day of the carnival they were just walking around together as BF and GF. Ben on the othe rhand has a love interest on a hot teacher names Ms. Young. He first saw her in her dressing room and he saw her boobs when Ms. Young was changing and there was a mirror. He was kinda stalking her on the first day of the carnival and Ms. Young saw him and he was drinking beer. The next day in class Ben was tryiong to be funny. And then Ms. Young brought up the under aged drinking and the bell rings. Ms. Young gives Ben detention. While Ben was I think waiting for a ride, Ms. Young stopped by in her car and offered Ben a ride home. The second day of the carnival... it looked like Ms. Young and Ben were about to make-out until a car passed by. This episode is an awesome way to start the season.
  • The pilot.

    It's a sad thing that "life as we know it" wasn't a hit, or at the very least, a moderate success. I remember that ABC promoted it as the "next big hit", after "Lost" and "Desperate Housewives" premiered. I think that the show's doom was probably a mix of it's terrible time slot and bad karma for ABC for thinking it would do great.

    Regardless, the pilot episode of "life as we know it" is a great hour of television. It's a teen drama, yes, and the three main characters are obsessed with sex and other shallow stuff, the show itself is not nearly as shallow as you might think.

    It is very easy to relate to the characters introduced because they are so based in reality. Unlike "The OC", they are not rich and powerful. They're average people with real issues and problems, that both teens and adults could relate to (although there's definitely a cut-off point on the adult side).

    The show also has humor in it, but this doesn't balance out the angst as well as the humor in "The OC" does. There are several scenes where the three main guys turn to the camera and tell us what they're thinking, which adds an interesting twist.

    Overall, an above average pilot to a great teen drama.