Life As We Know It

Season 1 Episode 2

Pilot Junior

Aired Thursday 12:00 AM Oct 14, 2004 on ABC

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  • Dramatic... very...

    In this episode Dino plays rough in his hockey game and he feels that he is responsible for his parents marrige so he looks after it. His mom promises to try harder with his dad, but his dad is bust with work and doesn't have much time. His parents get into a huge arguement on staying on with a relationship. Dino's parents were supposed to go out of town, but because of work they changed their mind. Jonatha invited everyone to DIno's house for the party but cancelled once Dino's parents decided to stay. Jackie decides to steal DIno's party and have a party at her place. There, Jackie flirts with a college student and DIno gets pissed so he starts a fight with him. Jackie tells Dino to leave her house. Meanwhile, Ben was going to buy Booze for DIno's party when Ms. Young saw him. Ms. Young spent the afternoon with Ben running erands... before Ben went to the party at Jackie's house, he and Ms. Young kissed. Meanwhile, Jonathan thinks he might have penis cancer because it was swelling, but turns out it was just a fase... good episode! I loved it! Was really funny and dramatic!